Saturday, August 19, 2017


How can you tell if your thrift store art find is a fake or reproduction or the real deal?

Well, sometimes you can't and you need a professional appraiser to help you out. But that can cost money. Sometimes you can tell the difference by looking for clues. 

For instance. I was very excited to come across 2 of these fun J. Roybal oil paintings 

Yes, I have 2 of these. They look very much like originals. 

The paint is raised and textured. If they are original, I could get about $800 for the smaller one and about $2000 for the larger one. 

If they aren't original, I can still make some money off of them. Maybe $60-$100, so still not bad one way or the other.  I researched the artist and she (yes, its a "She") was a popular artist in the 50s and was also popular to reproduce. They can take a print of the canvas and paint over it to create a more original type of appearance. Some of the other reasons I believe that these are reproductions is by checking out the back.

The boards are clean and newish in appearance, the paint line is clean and crisp. So I believe these are not originals. And that is okay and long as you sell them as reproductions, NOT originals. Its still a great way to have fun colorful mid century art in your house on a more affordable budget. 

Now this is an example of another piece of art, by J. Faguet. Also a mid century artist from the 1950s-1960s

Also textured, so how do I know if this is a reproduction or an original? If its an original, its worth about $800, if its a reproduction, its worth about $100. Again, I look for clues.

The back of the frame appears to have age, the paint on the canvas is sloppy, no clean edges. There are also tags with dates and the framework itself also have age and tags. So this is an original. I am pretty certain. How will my buyers know that they will not be getting scammed? I have to get it authenticated and certified as an original. I don't have to, but its the right thing to do if I want to be fair to a potential buyer. 

Again it is okay to purchase and sell  reproduction art. Just be honest to a customer. You could lose your validity, loyalty and good reputation  AND you could lose your business. If in doubt, always consult with an expert. Or wait in line for 20 hours at Antiques Roadshow. Be prepared to be made fool. 

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Sunday, July 30, 2017


Hi, Welcome back to me. No good excuse for my absence. Just that I am lazy.

Today will just be some random crap for your enjoyment. 

I am still here to promote my shops (click on the side bars), but today will be about some things I found interesting lately

Last week my son and I were grocery shopping an we picked up some jiffy cornbread, yes total garbage food, but tasty nonetheless

See that price? 54 cents!  Only 54 freaking cents for a box! We couldn't believe how cheap they were. We came up to the conclusion that they were probably the cheapest things at Super Target. And because grocery shopping is an overall mundane task, we try to find ways to make it more interesting. We decided to scour the store to find any food that is cheaper than a box of Jiffy Cornbread. Here are all the items that we found that were cheaper than a box of Jiffy Cornbread:

Limes. Limes were the item cheaper that a box of Jiffy Cornbread. Honestly, that was it. So you could have a nice meal for under a buck, Corn muffins and lime water. 

Meanwhile enjoy this fine picture I took while thrifting:

It wasn't for sale, sadly. 

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Its a Cats World

To honor my two new kits, Maggie and Charlotte, I am posting all about cats today.
So here is a pic of my little girls, currently 6 months old. Yep, they are sisters.

Aren't they the cutest ever? No, they are not for sale! 

BUT, what is for sale is all these other kitty goodies available in my shop (links on the sidebar to the right)

Kittens. I can't love the vintage illustrations in this book enough. For real, so stinking cute!

A Home for my Kittens is MY HOME. You can never ever go wrong with kitten books. 

Kitschy kitty teapot

It's a CALICO for crissakes! Another rule: never pass up a calico.

Okay, seriously, who wouldnt want that!
A Basket Full of Kittens.

And lastly, this gem of a book.

....and in conclusion, some more pics of Maggie and Charlotte.



 Remember, they are not for sale. 

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WTF Wednesday

Sorry for being AWOL for awhile, busy doin' stuff.

Short post today, enjoy!

Enjoy your one berry.

Yea, they still make this shit. Ruined my childhood! Thought I was going to look like one of these blondes on the front. Instead I looked like the clown on a happy meal box.

Hawaiian Aloha Litter. The cat is wearing a lei. Seriously, your cat will take a shit on your cremated remains for crissakes. They don't care! 

Thats it for now.

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rock On My Vintage Friends

I apologize for not posting lately, I have been lazy...and I have so much vintage juiciness to share. I will start light today, folks as I am still feeling a bit rough  from yesterdays Women's March in St. Pete.

I came across all these old rock and roll and trivia books . I thought these were pretty fantastic. I consider myself a bit of a music expert, but, I shit you not, I don't think I answered one trivia question correctly!

This one isn't just about  just music, but also TV and whatnot. I sucked at this...I think I got one answer correct.

The Beatles, Mick Jagger, Elvis and some lady with bluish hair. Every question stumped me. 

 ELTON JOHN, for crissakes! I so love him. Not necessarily the way he is violating the microphone....But still, its Elton John!

1001 questions for me to get wrong. I stopped trying at 50. I am a quitter.

Now for a nap and some of my neighbors pain meds he gets from Canada that sometimes make me barf. 

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Its been a while since I have shared some WTFs, I do have many compiled, so let's get started:

Holiday shaped cat scratchers. Your cats don't give a fuck. I promise you, they prefer the rectangular shapes cat scratchers. They don't even believe in santa, they are not falling for it. Save $5 and buy the traditional shaped scratch pads. 

They also don't give a shit about this either:

Seriously, THEY DON'T CARE.  Winter wonderland cat scratcher. So, what? they can only use this for the holiday season, then you have to take it away? Your cat really just wants the damn box it came in. This may put you in the holiday season, but it doesn't make a difference it your cats world.

Didn't buy this:

Soap dispensers? The female is in curlers and a housecoat. The man is wearing a tool belt. He is working to pay for her vodka. 

And I also didn't buy this:

Or this:

You can start by NOT wearing a yellow jumpsuit. Because that doesn't even look good on a non pregnant super model.

They state that the "super classic" (which cost more money) has added tumeric. However, reading the label and comparing the non super one...well everything was the exact same. So pay more AND get a few ounces less. 

AND this is the crap I found cleaning under the sofa cushions. $1 in change. It pays to clean! I do take responsibility for the hair bands, no one is taking blame for the spoon. Its shameful. 

So enjoy all this crap and keep checking back for more fun stuff.
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Friday, November 4, 2016


Just in time for the holidays! Fun and sometimes unusual cookbooks. Good stuff I tell ya!

This book has always been one of my favorites, I have come across it only 3 times, and I squealed each time!

This particular copy is not the sought after 5 ring binder one that I have had in the past, however its in stellar condition, lovely nonetheless, so I can't complain.

I think this one weighs half a ton. Massive cookbook full of all the classics. 

 I have 2 of these available. 

This next book is old as shit. Gnarly condition, but being from the 1930s, what can you expect?

Not too uncommon, but always a nice score and full of classic relevant recipes that are as tasty today as they were back then.

I also have tons of vintage cookbooks in my $1.50 section, going quick, check it out. 

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Happy Friday!