Monday, November 10, 2014

So Gross

Every Friday night my son goes grocery shopping with me. I know that sounds pretty lame, but we have a really good time. He actually looks forward to our shopping trips. We have our system. As soon as we enter the store, he goes down two aisles and grabs a snack and a Vitamin water to eat while we shop. Usually its Fritos or Sun Chips. But last week he came back to the cart with something new and said, " I'm really sorry, these are disgusting! I'm sorry I wasted your money. I was just curious"

That's why shit like this sells! People are CURIOUS! They are so foul that I don't know how they made it out of the board room!

AND totally false advertising! By looking at the picture my son thought (as did I), that they were going to be vanilla stick things. Nope. They were regular Pringles with nasty powdered flavored yuck on top of them.

Knowing my daughter will eat anything that is left out the next morning....she wakes up before anyone in the family, so she usually gets herself some breakfast. Well, we left these out on the counter, knowing that curiousity would get the best of her. When I woke up and came downstairs, the first thing out of her mouth was "mom, I tried these things and they were really disgusting!" I told her I already knew that. She then said," I ate one, and it was really bad, so I ate another one, and that one was bad too, then I just decided to lick the flavor off, because maybe that would be good and that was even worse." haha. She really wanted it to work!

A few months ago, we bought those damn Cappuccino chips that Lays made. Yep, curious. Those were also pretty nasty, but these white chocolate Pringles are even worse!
So this got my son and I browsing the aisles for other "what the fuck were they thinking?" food products.

Kettle Corn flavored coffee. Marked down half off. I wonder why....."the best part of waking up is sugar popcorn flavored coffee in your cup".

These next products make me feel sad. Sad because I know many food shelters and troops rely on canned meat products. And nobody should have to eat them. The first ingredient on everyone of these is "mechanically separated meat" Evan asked me what that means. I really don't know, but I picture something really wrong and freaky. Like a robot picking apart the random meat throwaways, like tongues and butts and eyes. Remember, we are vegetarians, so I think the whole process is gross anyhow.

Apparently they couldn't even go through they effort of having a more appetizing picture on the front. Its like they knew it was gross and they just thought "fuck it, this picture will work." Well, at least its not false advertising like the Pringles can was. You wont be surprise when you open up this can and get out a fleshy colored rectangle of gelatinous bologna smelling loaf covered in a goo. I am sorry homeless people and troops, that you sometimes have to eat this. I never donate this, I donate much better quality items. (BTW, I like how it says, "premium quality" on this can, Did they have better skilled robots mechanically separating the meat?)

My son wants to start another blog with me, where we go on grocery store adventures and take pictures of weird food etc. I kinda think it would be fun. Any opinions?

Anyhooooo, At the Flea Market last week, I came across a load of Wacky Packs and Garbage Pail Kids cards. I loved these when I was a kid! I picked up a nice stack and I will be listing them this week it lots of 4 cards.

Look for them this week here: RANDOM GOODS BOOK ROOM


I have tons more, this is just a quick example with crappy photos. 

Look for the listing this week!

Did you have Wacky Packs or Garbage Pail Kids cards when you were a kid?

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Btw-The reason why there was a two week break from my blog was that I got in a car accident with a semi. We were all fine, but my car was not. I have been dealing with car rentals, insurance claims (accident was the other drivers fault), etc etc. then all of us in this house came down with a crappy cold. And my son had an art show. So it has been one of THOSE weeks! Glad to get my mojo back!