Sunday, December 21, 2014

Vintage Glory

Hi strangers....sorry I have been invisible this past month. You know, the holiday craziness  in addition to  everyone is this family being sick, sprinkle in some general laziness...that's why I have been AWOL for a bit. I am back now, and I suppose I have a bit of catching up to do.

I will start with a little "Shopping Shenanigans with my Son"

Came across this at Target. No, we did not do it. Yes, we would have- had we thought of it first.

This made our shopping trip so much fun...knowing that there was another prankster amongst us.

Now to some recent finds, well, at least in the past month since I have blogged.

All of these items can be found at my shop RANDOM GOODS VINTAGE

I was so excited when I found this retro beauty. It was at Goodwill, which I don't go to very often and when I do, I usually never find anything good. But you never know, its always a crapshoot.

Photo came out a little pixelated. but it is a retro giraffe crewel. I love how funky and psychedelic it is.

I am always a sucker for Pyrex! Sometimes one is a bit imperfect, which is fine, because then I have an excuse to keep it. This one is not being added to my  personal collection, it is now listed in my shop.

Pyrex Golden Hearts casserole. 2.5 quarts will fit a whole lot of holiday food!

I have never come across vintage wrapping paper before. I have seen people selling it, but as much as I hit the thrifts, one would think I would come across it often. Nope. Until last week. 9 unopened packages! Yay me!

Listed and ready for wrapping. Just for someone to rip off the gift and throw away. Ugh. I didn't think about the fate of this paper.......
I do so love Florida kitschy souvenirs. It reminds me of when I lived in Detroit and would come to Florida in the winter and we would go to all those hokey souvenir shops and buy all sorts of doo dads. Things made from shells, little license plates with our names on stuff and good memories.

Cute, kitschy and  cheery. Perfect to warm up a cold winter home!

Speaking of warming up......

I may end up keeping this one. I'm just saying that if it doesn't sell, I won't be too upset. I could put a whole lot of coffee in this baby!

Ashtrays aren't my best sellers. Even cool mid century ones. But this is a mid century CAT ashtray...seriously, did you think I would pass this one up? Almost makes me want to start smoking. Actually not really. I would never start that nasty shit! But it still is a kick ass ashtray.

These next fun finds can be found it my vintage book shop RANDOM GOODS BOOK ROOM

Even though this next beauty is a bit faded, there was no way it wasn't going home with me. Teenage beauty guide full of all sorts of dreadful outdated shitty advice that we would never want our daughter to follow. Such as, always wear a girdle to improve your figure, and when a boy takes you on a date to a restaurant, always let him chose your meal and order for you. Ugh, really?

So I will hand this to my daughter one day and say, "Do the opposite"

This next book is pretty stinking old. I love when I find heavily illustrated old picture books for kids.

So pretty I can hardly stand it. 1942. The year my dad was born. I think about this type of book being in his house when he was a baby.

Then I came across this fantastic collection at a library book store. I was there returning books that were 2 months overdue. Yea...I said I have been busy and lazy lately. Whoopsy. My bad.

Also full of amazing vintage illustrations. The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls.

Remember a while back I found that Monopoly set from the 1950s? Well, I decided that the box was in really shitty condition and I figured I would just sell the pieces etc. They are so unusual, not the Monopoly pieces that we grew up with, but odd shaped wooden pawns and different colored metal cars. Also wood houses.

Also check out those dice! The have a picture on them instead of a 1. Made of... I don't know Bakelite? (okay doubtful Bakelite, but it has that sort of look)

I love all the old board games. My kids and I play most of them before I list them. Some we even end up keeping. The board games being sold today are so lame. I guess computer games took over. Its a real shame because board games are so much fun, and interactive and creative and strategic....We play a lot of vintage board games and I really hope they make a comeback. I would do a blog on just board games, but they sell as fast as I list them sometimes. Maybe in the summer I will hold off on listing them and post a whole bunch of them so you can see how awesome they are. Damn Pac man ruined everything!

Anyhow, I hope your holiday is going fantastic. Hopefully minimal stress. Any funny holiday stories and family drunken chaos? Do tell!