Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Art Timelapse, More Creeps

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why Pay Retail?

Why pay retail? I have said it before and I will say it again: We live in a wasteful culture! I cannot tell you how many times I buy NEW WITH TAGS clothes second hand. People just buy stuff and it sits in their closet, they never wear it, they don't return it....then they need to make room in their closet for new stuff that they won't wear, so the donate it. And I buy it. 

Most of my daughters wardrobe is secondhand. 

For example:

New with tags, $22 Retail Izod, Khaki shorts. I paid $2.00

She is a Elf fan, we watch it every Christmas. New with tags. From Kohls, I paid just a couple of bucks....

Sometimes things are new without tags. You can tell by the crispness of the label. Clothes that have been worn and washed multiple times, the tag will soften over time. If you check the tag and it is crisp and bright, chances are it was never worn or washed. 

Tag is crisp! New item. 99 cents

Also a fun thing is to find unique stuff. Stuff you won't find at the mall or Target. 

Can't go wrong with Bob Marley! (50 cents)

....or the Beatles! 50 cents...

Ren and Stimpy!!! Oh the compliments she gets from everyone over the age of 35 when she wears this shirt! Of course, kids her age are like "who?"  Only $1.

Liz Clairborne....$1

Don't ask Mr. Owl. He will eat the whole thing!

50 cents

My daughter likes the weird stuff. 50 cents (new with tags)

Again, she likes the weird stuff. 50 cents, new with tags

Long sleeve shirt for the few days a year that it is cold in Florida. $2

Every year at my daughters school, there is a daddy-daughter dance. Parents will run out and by their daughter a $100 dress for them to wear for one night in elementary school. That is so not happening in my world. Are they insane?

Here are some of the dresses I have picked up for my daughter. For the dance and also casual one for wearing on a nice summer day.

This one was new with tags, Limited Too, $72. I scored it for $2. BRAND NEW LIMITED TOO! TWO DOLLARS!!

Teal is one of her favorite colors. She wore this to a wedding last summer. $2. 

The next two are casual summer dresses. Like for attending birthday parties and whatnot....$1 for each of them.

And proof that I have raised my daughter to know better: Although she is only 9, she wears an adult size 8 womens shoe. Trying to find a pair of size eight shoes (retail, newish used shoes are more of a challenge to find)....all the shoes had high heels. We went to three different stores. Finally my daughter says..."You know, I just kick off my shoes when I dance anyhow. Its kind of stupid to spend money on a pair of shoes that I will only wear once and then take them off . But I really could use a new pair of sandals, I doubt anyone is going to be looking at my feet"
So I bought her a nice pair of sandals that she wears everyday. $40

So, I highly recommend shopping secondhand. I shop there for myself and for my son as well.  

Please consider reading the book  Get Real, What Kind of World are you buying?

It is a book that I really think should be recommended reading in the schools. I bought it (at a thrift shop) and it was fascinating!  It really changes how you look at things and how you shop. And the story behind every thing you buy. 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WTF Wednesday

One of my favorite things about  thrift store shopping...(I mean, besides from finding awesome shit) is discovering things that make you wonder "who the hell owned this at one time and who is going to be the next person who buys it?"

This one kind of scared me. Like a voodoo black magic starter kit

Creepy nylon dolls jammed in a glass jar. For only $1.50 each they can be yours. Pretty sure they are still there as I have seen them on the shelf for the last 3 months. 

I am assuming that this is some sort of class project gone wrong. Or perhaps just some ugly ass ceramic thingy

Not the Lincoln head bust. That's dumb, but I am referring to that other thing. The Native American popping through the black wolf head alien style.

This next one isn't from a thrift shop, its from Target. Target is my second favorite place to shop. My first is thrift shops, of course.

Anyhow....my son discovered this and mentioned how it looks like a butt in the background. OMG, it does!

It can never be unseen. 

Check back soon, my next blog will be about clothes shopping second hand. 

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Timelapse Of Me coloring.

My 12 year old son coloring in an illustration he drew last week. Subscribe to his youtube channel if you love art like I do.