Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WTF Wednesday

I think Andy has had too many Red Bulls. And Raggedy Ann needs her eyebrows tweezed.
$10 each
No I did not buy them.

Monday, December 7, 2015

A Blast From The Past

Shopping last week was sparse, but I definitely found some goodies. Sometimes I have to do some deep picking to find the good stuff. This time I found a lot of items that are nostalgic for me. 

All of these items are available here:

Little Orphan Annie Plushie!
With Sandy the dog


Alf hand Puppet. I actually got two of them and we are going to have a puppet show. I never liked this show by the way. My husband admitted that he liked it. I did not know this fact before I married him or I would have maybe had to reconsider his proposal. 


I picked up 10 of these Playskool puzzles from the 80s. How did these pieces not get lost after all these years, I will never know. 10 complete sets!

These next items are available here:

I may take a week off from shopping. Because I really should start getting ready for the an shit.....

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Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WTF Wednesday

What the hell is this? It is a skull of some sort of animal, and it is mostly falling apart. And then it has jaws of another animal acting like antlers. The teeth are painted silver, then there is wire all over it with a glass gem of some sort......

So, anyhow, I kinda bought it. 

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WTF Wednesday

Does anyone actually buy this? This mixture of veggies is gross enough as it, but if I was making a gumbo or whatever that calls for these veggies, they would be fresh. They are mushy enough-- even when fresh, However, FROZEN adds to the yuck factor!

Frozen slimy okra and squash. Not the good squash, such as acorn squash (yum!) , but slimy mushy summer squash, (or zucchini squash, I don't really know what its called). Oooh and frozen tomato and onion bits. Look at all those seeds!

Have a happy feast tomorrow, hopefully your meal will not include okra. 

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Saturday, November 21, 2015


Cutlery, flatware, silverware is my new obsession. I don't know why I didn't consider it before. My family is constantly running low on our every day flatware (guessing they end up in the trash, thanks kids!) So I started picking through those giant bins of random silverware at thrift shops....which, by the way, is not an easy feat. I have learned, the hard way, that there is all sorts of stabbys and pokeys in the bin, sharp knives, pokey pokers, stabby stabbers, sharp doodads etc...seriously it should be a obstacle on Ninja Warriors: Dig through this container of thrift store utensils!

Anyhow, I am a tough cookie, and I have found some really cool scores. But knowing from experience, if I kept them, they may end up in the they are in my shop for someone else kids to throw away, by accident, of course....

All are available in my shop: RANDOM GOODS VINTAGE

This next weapon... utensil, is a really cool, yet stabby meat fork, or serving fork, It is 13" long and it had to be double wrapped and double bagged because it keep poking through bags and falling out. But I love it!

Just look at that tip. STABBY!!

Here are some other non utensil related fun stuff I picked up this week

All available in my shop:

This little jar is too cute! Good place to put cookies or to stash your cash.

And these little fellows are looking up, at what, I have no idea. I guess they are trying to look innocent. Anything kitsch has my heart.

That's it for now, but that is just a small iota of the stuff that I have been listing in my shops. I have been working feverishly listing and getting ready for the holiday hoopla. 

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Check back on Wednesday for  "WTF Wednesday", where I feature items from my shopping adventures that are strange and/or amusing.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thrift Shopping Bonanza!!

Hi Friends!  I had some good luck this past week. I took a week off from catch up on my listings. I caught up just enough to make me itchin' to get out shopping again. 
Some good luck came my way. The first shop I went to....well, I found a lot. My cart was full. I did a quick total and I was well over spending $50. Which I was okay with, because I had some kick ass finds in my cart. So as I was loading my bounty on the counter, the old man cashier (who knows me well from going there every two weeks over the past 5 years) tells me the credit card machine was down. Well crap! I never have any cash on me...but I did happen to have a $20 bill. So I said, "Crap, I only have a $20 on me and this is well over $20....!!!" 
And he said..."Well lets just ring you up and see, I think you'll be fine" and he proceeds to ring me up...I am guessing at a fraction of the cost, and then he gave me a teachers discount, a senior discount (Im 44 years old) and a military discount, and maybe something else...I really don't know what he did. And I didn't care. My total was $17. And he didn't give me a receipt, so I am not sure of what kind of magic he did. How cool was that!? 

Lots of goodies! 

The following items are available at:


Plaid Picnic tote. Full of melamine plates and service ware. 

And then two different juice carafes. I found a third one, but I decided to keep it....

Got a large lot of mid century stainless steel cutlery:

And this afghan! OMG about the coolest afghan I have ever come across, these color combos are to die for. I would keep it, but I live in Florida and it is quite useless here.

And lots lots more, visit my shop and check out the goodies!

And now for my crazy vintage book lot! For real, I hit the jack pot. Some are listed and the rest I will be working on all week. Seriously, the jackpot!

Here are a few examples of the yum yums

All are available here:

And this retro game is kind cool too....

That is just a small taste of what I am working relentlessly getting listed on my shops. 

Meanwhile comment to say HI and let me know about any sweet scores that have come your way.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WTF Wednesday

Enjoy my new Wednesday series where I will showcase oddities that I find during my thrift store travels or grocery stores...anything that makes me think WTF?

Here you go:

It does state that it is "easy to install" Whew, I thought I would have to get my tool box out!

See you next time with some vintage goodies that I scored. 
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

WTF, Cereal Companies!

This whole post has zero to do with vintage. Nada....So if you are looking for my cool finds this week, you will be disappointed. And besides, I went on a vintage shopping freeze for one week, I have too much stuff to get listed in my Etsy shops. The good news is that I have made great headway and I am finally able to see my floors. (which means I may have to vacuum...oh crap!)

I was doing my weekly grocery shopping with my son at Super Target. We kinda love cereal in my family. Like a lot. We usually have about 20 or so boxes in our pantry on a weekly basis. I am the only one who actually eats it for breakfast. The rest of the family just snacks on it. We try to keep it medium healthy, so I guess its okay. 

But perusing this weeks cereal shelf was nothing short of pee my pants amusing.

I know its all about marketing, but seriously cereal people, we are smarter than that....(right?)

 For instance:

These are both the same damn cereal. Do they expect me to believe that there was a major SNAFU at the cereal factory and it went haywire and made little cereal balls instead of the circles or they left out the yellow puff things in the captain crunch? Will someone be losing their job over this massive error? Who is to blame for this disaster in the cereal factory? Justice must be served!

Then there is this:

Same cereal. Same crap with marshmallow bits (Okay, I'll admit, kind of the best part) However, obviously, one is marketed for boys and one for girls. Kinda insulting....and the truth is, the kids don't give a shit, they just want the marshmallow bits.  Marshmallow bits are delicious, even if they have to be picked out of a homeless man's bellybutton. 

And this:

I find it hard to believe, with all the awesome, and healthier, cereals out there, that Shaq couldn't get a better endorsement offer than Fruity Pebbles. This box just seems so wrong. So very wrong. 


After they fixed the problem at the Captain Crunch factory, they panicked! "What can we do to repair our tainted image?"....after much thought in the Captain Crunch board room...."I got it! Lets make our Captain Crunch dress like Santa...and we can have christmas shaped doodads in the cereal!" I think the Limited Edition makes people know...Hey! I gotta purchase this before its too late and no longer available! (I'll let you in on a little secret: They will be at Big Lots for 79 cents a box, starting on January 1st until mid summer) 

And finally:

I asked my son if he wanted to get these Pop Tarts...He said "Mom, those are just those crappy fudge ones that no one likes, with orange thanks!"

He ain't falling for it. 

So, maybe no vintage chit chat today, but it doesn't mean you still can't check out my shops (see side bar). I have lots of new goodies listed!

Share with me some of your shopping delights. Comment with whatever randomness is in your head.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Crap I Didn't Buy

Thrift store shopping is fun, not always for what you buy, but sometimes for what you DON'T buy.

Here is some crap I didn't buy this week. Do you think I made a wise decision passing up these gems?

Someone's clown collection. I bet when I go there the next time, they are still there. I suppose there are a few individuals left in the world that like clowns. Maybe. Anyhow, I had to pass these up.

Another plaster head thing. I think this is a wall hanging, but it was with all the platters and dishes. I had to pass this up. 

I don't even know how to explain this next thing. It was dumped in a bin. It was a styrofoam head (and ya'll know how I feel about styrofoam heads, this one had a stocking wrapped around it and it was staring at me......I ran the fuck outta that store as quick as I could. Needless to say, I didn't purchase it. 

I did pass up a lot of crap this week, I also purchased a lot of awesomeness as well. For instance this treasure:

Some German toy that I took a chance on. It was taped closed and I couldn't read anything, not even find a year on it. But by the clothes the children on the box are wearing, I am guessing 1970's (early)

I brought it home and did some research and it appears that I picked a winner. It has a gazillion pieces, I took them out to sort, photograph and count. It took me a full hour to line these fuckers out in nice rows...then I didn't have it in me to count them.(seriously, look at all the pieces, ain't nobody got time for that!) If someone convos me to ask how many pieces, I will just tell them to count them from the photograph. 

Look at all the pieces:

Yea....I'm not counting them. They are listed in my shop and would make a really cool holiday gift.  Kind of like legos, a wee bit bigger...great building/construction toy.

I am constantly loading items in my shop in preparations for the holiday shopping season, Seriously, take a look, at least 150 new items posted this month alone....and still working on it!

Shop links are on the side bar. 

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Shop and support local and independent businesses, so they can afford to have a nice holiday with their families!  Walmart doesn't care about you, they just want to sell you their cheap mass produced crap. 

Say HI in the comments and tell me what kind of crap that YOU passed up at the thrift shops.