Sunday, April 27, 2014

Flower Power

Sorry that wasn't able to get to write a blog post last week, it's been a crazy week! My daughter, Avery,  was once again in the ER, this time for an abscess on her tonsil, so she is going in for a tonsillectomy next week. (UGH!)
Today I was at my 10 year old son, Evan's art show. It was at Whole Foods, which is always one of his more successful venues. He did fabulous as always. He just started an instagram account. If you love some unusual creature art, follow him @Evandgatscher.

The previous two weeks have been full of groovy flower power finds. A little hippie love, can't complain!

I stumbled upon this sheet set. I was okay with the price, but then when the lady was ringing them up, apparently the price was per sheet, Flat sheet and fitted sheet. So I ended up paying twice as I initially thought. Still a good deal, I think. I have just never bought or sold vintage sheets, so I don't know what to expect. With that being said, they are bringing in tons of views, so imagine that they will sell pretty quickly!

Seriously, these look they just came off of Marsha Brady's bed!
(Hmmm...maybe they did?). Queen size flat and fitted sheet!
Interested? Available------->HERE
I cannot say that I have been particularly successful with cheese trays, and perhaps I need to add them to my "stop buying" list, along with ashtrays, fondue pots and single mugs. But sometimes I just can't help myself......

I fell in love with the orange and red floral tile in the middle. Retro yum yum!

Give cheese servers some love, take her home with you!

My eyes nearly popped out of my face when I came across this retro beauty!

Vintage hair dryer, this contraption opens up to reveal a dryer cap with an adjustable arm. It's a whole lot of stuff in this container! Totally works, because back then, things stayed working for a long time. I have  never come across a vintage rotary phone that doesn't work. Good sturdy stuff back then! (I have yet to find a mobile phone that works for over 2 years).

Got wet hair that needs some drying?
Lady Dazey is available-------->HERE!

I purchased these on a whim. And by "whim", I mean, "What the hell was I thinking?"

I really like the retro appeal of them, but I don't know what they are supposed to be......They both have the hole on the bottom with stoppers like they are banks, but only one of them has a coin slot. There is the big giant girl, and a small version of her in the car.....But I just sort of pictured them on a book case in a retro bedroom....and I don't know, I thought they would look pretty cool.

Would you like to take them home with you?


I was thrilled when I discovered this dish set! I had this exact collection last year and it received more views than anything and sold quickly. I told myself that if I ever come across this set again, just snatch it up. Snatch it I did!

Sheffield Serenade set, desirable in the Mid Century community. I have this set pictured and another set that I haven't yet posted.

Dinner party time?

I am still listing lots of goodies! My shopping will be put on  hold for a few weeks while I stay home with Avery as she recovers from surgery. I am trying to stock up now, since I will have plenty of time to list items while I stay home. I will try not to hog all of her ice cream, it will be challenging to say the least!

Now for the independent business of the week! I have no idea how I initially stumbled upon this shop on Etsy, but once I did, I was hooked! I am in awe with the workmanship, the detail, the whimsy and creativity! Now this is the gift you give to someone who has everything, or a gift for bosses/secretary day. I am so smitten with these, you can even purchase one for me!

                             MAKING FACES POTTERY

Click on the link to bring you to one kick ass store!

Check it out:

Do yourself a favor and check out this shop! Your head will practically explode with awesomeness overload!! Just look at these faces. Pure sick talent in this shop!

It's late and I think I need to hit the hay right about now.

How was your week? What do you think about Making Faces Pottery?

I love to hear from my peeps!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

We've Come a Long Way, Baby!

The older generation likes to talk about how things were soooo much better back in their day. Well, I sure as hell am glad that I wasn't around back then, to experience what that generation of women had to live through. Enjoy these vintage ads. Such great entertainment!

I'd rather be ugly, then to have my looks based on how clean my house is. Guess what, hubby? I'm cute whether or not my house is clean or not! If you don't like it, grab a mop, and if you don't know how to use it, I can show you a good place to shove it!

 Ummm....and they think this generation is fake, they were fake back then too, they just didn't have the medical knowledge as we do now to make it permanent. Trap a man with those pointy boobs....or perhaps poke his eyes out.

Back when "gay" meant something else.....However, by the looks of this ad, I'm not so sure....."Hey Sailor boy, who invited you?"

Most men ask, "Is she pretty?" not "Is she clever?"

They were endorsing women to be dumb bitches.

Dumb women were considered more attractive, which says a lot about a man that wants a dumb gal.

So I guess, 12 year old girls are sexier than you think? This ad is wrong on so many levels that my head is about to explode. WTF?

Anyone over the age of 4, should not being wearing panties with the days of the week on them.  Notice where the ad says, "A pleasure to wear, and sporty enough to share"? Yea, I'll let that "sharing" part swish around in your brain for awhile.

Actually, I am okay with this ad. Your Guy: The number 1 reason for Midol. Yea, no complains about this one. (I guess, maybe that guy could do something better with his hair, love the shirt).

"The answer to the Housewife's demand for efficiency and economy, the woman's demand for beauty"

You know what else is efficient? A maid.

"Christmas morning she'll be happier with a Hoover"

Yea, when I shove it up your ass.

Does anyone else think these are a bit phallic? Especially the one with the top removed? Tickle, tickle, tickle!
(oohh a coupon!)

When your man is more concerned about his cheap, crappy beer than food......not a good sign.

I leave you with this. Because it is pretty kick ass. Love the flower power dishwasher matching the clothes, matching the wall...that look wouldn't work so well for me, I don't imagine they make a stainless steel dress with fingerprints all over it and magnets with doctor appointment reminder cards all over my ass (?)
Today's world is pretty awesome, but I cannot get enough of these vintage ads!
I  just couldn't resist sharing these with you, enjoy!
Love to hear your thoughts!  


Monday, April 7, 2014

It was a Pyrex Kind of Weekend!

Wednesdays usually are a good day for me to hit some of the thrift stores in the Clearwater/Safety Harbor area. Even though, for whatever reason, 3 of my favorite places to go to on that particular day, have 1/2 off all clothing. Which sucks for me, because although I will buy the occasional piece of clothing, I am usually buying housewares, wall hangings, books, anything BUT clothing, and I end up in a super crazy long line with 20 people over the age of 70 ahead of me. And they tend to load up their baskets FULL of clothing. On one hand, I am happy for them, because I can imagine living on a fixed income is rough, and finding an outfit for a under a dollar is awesome. And of course it's awesome to buy secondhand for various environmental reasons. So I'm cool with that...But, on the other hand,  I just hate being in line behind them....AND then, to make matters worse, I have to pay full price for my goods.
However, this week, I couldn't get out on Wednesday, and some of my plans got switched around and I ended up going out to those shops on a Thursday. Whoo-Hoo, so glad I did! I am going to try to make Thursdays my new day to head out to Clearwater. Pyrex bonanza!

It's always awesome to find a Pyrex set. Even more awesome when they all have lids. Bonus when they are all in good shape. Double bonus when someone cool is doing the pricing that day, and marks them pretty low(ish).

Autumn Harvest Pyrex set available------------>HERE!

And more Pyrex.....
Early Americana may be not as sought after as Butterprint or Mod Dot, or some of the others, but it is still pretty damn cool, especially those who are into more Americana and folk decor.

With lids, or course! Love those lids!

Interested in adding this to your collection?

But wait! That's not all!

Random instant Pyrex collection!

I have heard this collection referred to by a few different names, but I believe its the Butterfly Collection. Correct me if I am wrong. No lids, but still pretty kick ass!


I didn't just luck out with Pyrex. I found some other fun goodies!

This set of glasses were calling my name. Actually shouting my name. Actually, yanking me by my hair and dragging me to them...begging me to take them home. I didn't want to create a scene, so I caved in from their pressure and brought them home. (after paying, of course, what kind of person do you think I am?)

Mid Century island Caribbean gold rimmed pilsners! Hello...How the hell could I pass these up?

I so love them!
If you love them too, they are available----->HERE!

This next item, I kind of hemmed and hawed about. If one of my kids were around, they would convince me to get it, but they weren't around, and I was forced to make my own decision about it....I am still iffy....But I don't regret my decision.

One of the things I really like about this cake carrier, is that it is huge! Which means it will hold a huuugggeeee cake. And that's my favorite kind of cake!

Like big cakes and I cannot lie...

Like big cakes too? Available------->HERE!

Added this to my cart:

I love the groovy cover of this poetry book. I imagine it on Marsha Brady's nightstand....


Elephant Buttons is one of those bizarrely unique, weird, artsy books. I don't think I could put it in one category....It's in a bit of rough condition, but once in a while, with some books, its okay to show a little love and wear.


I love it when I come across a vintage Anatole book! Even without a dust jacket, this is still a desirable book. Did a little inner happy dance when I discovered this gem!

Anatole and the Poodle available----------->HERE!

This next set is so politically incorrect, but at one time the word Negro was acceptable, so these books have historical reverence. Flipping through some of the pages were rough and sad and eye opening. But, it is all a little history that we should educate ourselves on.

The International Library of Negro Life, surprisingly these came from a Massachusetts Library.

Interested? Available------------>HERE!

Now to lighten the mood a bit....This week I want to feature a positive organization in Detroit. Detroit can always use some positive mojo. And as I have said before, Detroit is the most creative, artsy, genuine place in the world. Some of the most creative minds come from my homeland, and there are organizations that are there to nurture and foster the inner artist that thrives in that city.

From their Facebook page:
We recycle 28 tons of industrial scraps annually, serving 275,000 children with active learning and creativity.
Arts & Scraps uses recycled industrial materials to help people of all ages and abilities think, create and learn.
Company Overview
Arts & Scraps is a Detroit non-profit organization.
It annually recycles 28 tons of industrial scraps into affordable learning and creative materials, serving 275,000 children.

Programs in Southeast Michigan include:
-workshops for children, youth, adults and families at their Detroit location or at group locations...
-creative activities at public events
-store, open Tues. Thurs., 11-6, Sat. 11-4; displays 300 + materials
-service projects for ages 10 to retirement at our store, warehouse or at events. Help pack kits, prepare materials, work with children or make displays

Products are available at the store or on the website.

If you missed that first part, here it is again: They recycle 28 tons of industrial scraps into learning and creative material...28 TONS of stuff that will not end up in the landfill!!! That is significant. And having workshops, activities and events to help people get their creative juices flowing!!! I love this concept and I wish it were in every city!

Look at this fun stuff they come up with!

Happy people working on projects....these kids mean business... I can just picture those gears spinning in their heads....

"like" their facebook page (link above) and go visit their website:

                                                 ARTS AND SCRAPS

Don't forget, my coupon codes expire the end of April, don't miss out on the savings!

Coupon Code: Randomgoods  to save 10% off at either of my shops!

Any cool thrifting finds this week? Do tell! I would love to hear from you!

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