Saturday, August 27, 2016

Advice From a Serial Thrift Store Shopper

I have had several requests asking how I manage to always get the good stuff when I am thrifting....

I will provide a few tips to help you on your thrift store journey

1. You cannot pop into a thrift shop once in a while and expect to find that specific item that you were looking for. Thrift shops don't operate that way. You have to go often and several different shops, Like ALL the time. The more you shop, the better your chances are. If you need something specific that day, just head to the mall. 

2. Know your shops! Each shop has a different "specialty" if you will. Some are good for furniture, some for clothing, some for housewares, some for books, some for linens. I have yet to find a shop that caters to all of my needs. Which is why I go to a variety of shops.

3. Map out your shopping route. I find that many shops are in a cluster. I have it mapped out where I can hit 5 or 6 shops in one shopping day. (4 hours of my time)

4. Know the special sale days, For example, some shops have a 50% off day, Some shops have certain color price stickers on sale that day. Pay attention. And get a punch card. 3 of the shops I go to have punch cards. 

5. Know that some days will be a bounty of vintage goodness, and some days you will leave empty handed. It is what is it. They are thrift shops, Not every day will be a score.

6. I shop about 2 times a week. And 2 times a year, I take a road trip 1-2 hours away to venture to some new shops, have to keep things fresh.

7. Once in a while you score big. I almost peed myself when I saw these:

I purchased 2 large unused sketchbooks $5 each and a brand new still in wrapping prismacolor set of 24 colored pencils for $3 (which is the cost of one pencil retail) So I go to pay, drooling all over myself and this incredible deal, only to find out that green tags were 75% off! I am not fucking kidding! All this stuff for under $3 total!  Let it be known that that is a rare score. But it happens, I do get lots of incredible things....mainly because I go ALL THE TIME.

8. This bit of advice seems very unfun. However it is important: don't bring a friend that is shopping for the same stuff as you. Don't. It can ruin a friendship when you are both clamoring for the same vintage treasure. 

9. Don't try to make your shopping day on a Sunday. Many thrift shops are church affiliated and tend to be closed on Sunday. 

10. Don't be afraid to dig around. Ask for a discount if you are buying a lot of stuff. 

11. Make friends with the employees. 

Again, I can not state enough, that the key to success is to go frequently. That's how you will get the "good stuff". That is my number one key to success. Also,  try not to go on weekends as the stores are overcrowded and picked over. 

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Any advice that you can share? Comment and let me know!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Today is the first day of school for my kids, I have been up since 5:30, therefore I may have lots of typos and whatnot. Whatever. I am tired....

However, I have so many WTFs that I just had to take the time to share in my sleep deprived state.

There is so much wrong with this picture. Its the label on top of a bin full of panties:

No matter what I do, this picture is sideways. Weirdest thing as it is not sideways in my photos...Big WTF right there! Well, you get the point, it is a bin full of panties.

1) It says "panties as marked" not "panties PRICED as marked" totally changes the meaning.

2) Panties should not really be at thrift shops. I love thrift shops, but I draw the line at items that come in direct connect with my vagina.

3) If they insist on selling panties, they should be priced all the same, 25 cents each. (still too much money for items that come in contact with my vagina)

4) Someone had the job of sorting through the panties and pricing them accordingly. How does one do that? Deduct a few cents for stains, sniff test? I mean, really, how does one sort through and price them, what is the criteria?

I do have much more crazy shit to post, but I am tired and I need to refill my 10th cup of coffee, Just keep on tuning in for more fantastic finds and more crazy shit I find in my travels.

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