Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mid Century Fashion

I hadn't been thrifting in awhile. The family and I spent spring break in Park City, Utah. My kids have never seen snow before. Honestly, my husband and I were in no hurry to relive those snowy days. We are from Detroit and we moved to Florida 20 years ago...because we got sick and tired of being cold. So we put off taking our kids to see snow for as long as we could get away with it. Now at ages 9 and 12...we finally broke down and took a wintery, chilly vacation. It was fun seeing them enjoy the snow and snow activities. But after a week of headaches and ear popping from the high altitude, we couldn't return to Florida fast enough!

So that is why I haven't been shopping as much. I spent the week prior to the trip getting ready (buying winter clothes...etc) and a few days after recouping and getting use to the time change. Soon enough I got itchy to get out!

For the most part, I didn't have great luck. A book or knick-knack here and there. The last place I hit, is usually a place I don't typically bother with. Unless I am bored and its on the way to another better place. Anyhoo...I happen to be in the area and popped in. I am so glad I did! Jack pot with a huge selection of mid century craft and knitting magazines and books. Not that I give a shit about knitting and crafting, but the style and fashion in these books is to die for! Some serious Jackie O/ Mad Men stuff.

Here is just some of my score:

^^My Favorite^^

And lots more...Pictures are kinda crappy because I was really excited and rushed into snapping pics. 

Another really cool thing is that apparently this thrift shop had a special thing going on where you pick a random slip of paper indicating a discount that you receive once you are at the counter paying. I have ALWAYS picked 10%. So much so, that I just assumed all the slips were 10%. However this time my slip said 50%! Holy crap! ( I would have bought more, but that's why they have you pick the discount AFTER you have decided what to purchase). Sneaky. 

All these sweet mid century (and some from the 1920, 30s and 40s) are available here:

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why do I Blog?

Why do I blog?  (An honest retrospect over the years)

1) I enjoy it. Really I do. I think it is fun to write, even if people aren't interested. I don't care because I still think its fun.

2) For some reason, as you may have noticed, I don't have a lot of followers, however, I have a ton of views. Like a lot. I am guessing it is because I am not very tech savvy and I don't have things set up correctly or whatever. I probably need to look into that....

3)This blog brings a lot of traffic to my 2 Etsy shops. I don't really know if those turn into sales or not, but I am okay with that. I just love to know that somehow I am making a connections with other people that share my love of vintage goodies.

4) If you have been reading my blog over the years, you can see that I am really big on promoting small and independent businesses and well as charities. I have lots of talented friends and I like to brag about them.

5) I am also big into the arts and I like to feature artists. My favorite artist is my 12 year old son, Evan. (but I like other artists too)

6) I like to swear, a lot. Which is why my 9 year old daughter is not allowed to read my blog. Give her a couple of years, she still has a few words to learn. So far, she has learned "Fuck" "ass" and "Bitch" none of which I can take credit for, all learned at school. 

7) I think things are funny. Things that other people may not think are funny. That's okay. Shopping at thrift shops can be so entertaining, and if you go as often as me, you may look at things differently. There are things for sale that shouldn't be for sale, there are interesting people, like the old man buying at least a couple of dozen used bras and undies (remember when I mentioned things for sale that shouldn't be for sale...underwear falls into that category). Anyhow, I don't judge. I love interesting people way more than boring people. 

8) I blog because things in general are interesting and funny. 

9) I get really excited when I score some sweet vintage finds and I love to share that joy with all the kind souls who read my blog. It's so much fun when I have a day of shopping and my trunk is full, and I just can't wait to open my bags and lovingly drool over my bounty. 

10) when I die from suffocating under my pile of vintage stash, you will have my blog to remember me by.....

Anyhow, that is just some of the reasons why I love to blog. And now I have to force my daughter to turn off icarly and get in the shower. 

Now is the part that I request you to follow my blog, and follow me on all the social, just all of them. I am there...seriously, I don't fool around. All of them. Except Reddit. What the hell is that anyhow?

Until next time...bye!