Saturday, February 20, 2016


I have been scouting out some new places lately...You just never know, some are crappy and some are amazing. 

This new thrift shop that opened up some what near me, well, it really doesn't have a large selection at all. But what is does have is usually pretty awesome, and priced at actually thrift shop prices. 

I usually pop in there when I have a moment, its close enough, I pass it every day. 

Last week when I popped in there, I spotted these unique treasures. They are those wall entertainment toys by Anatex Enterprises that you may see in a doctors waiting room or a preschool. Super fun retro wood cutouts and perfectly worn from love. 

These things aren't small, they are about 2.5 feet tall, I think they would be so fun in a nursery.

This next one, has the patterns worn off the little yellow turny things, but I had such a cool idea (unfortunately, I don't have any pregnant friends). How cool would it be to personalize this for a baby shower gift. Get small stickers made from family members faces and anything else personal, a picture of a pet, the house, a stuffed animal, sesame street characters....and stick them on all the faded turny things. I think that would be the most creative and personal baby shower gift that someone could receive. Otherwise it doesn't look super great. My 9 year old daughter looked at it and said, "soooo....a baby is supposed to learn about road signs?" haha, that is what she could detect by the little sticker parts remaining.

These wall entertainment centers are available here

 I also came across some awesome vintage book at the flea market this week. 

The thing with flea markets is that sometimes the prices are ridiculous and some times, you get a bargain. Thankfully the flea market is about 1 mile from my house, so I stop in often enough to know where to look. 

When I saw these! Oh how I wish there were more. I remember when I was in 4th grade, we would get the school book order form. I never actually ordered any books, but I always ordered a Dynamite magazine. Every month. I think they were only $1, which was an affordable price. 

I only found 2 at the flea market. Better than none, I suppose. 

Fonzie and Pinky!!

The Six Million Dollar man vs the Bionic Woman. 

I hope the Bionic Woman know, because of girl power an shit...

By the way, only the cool kids got the Dynamite magazines. The dorks got books. I'm guessing because their parents made them get books. 

These books/magazines and more are available here

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WTF Wednesday

As you know, I enjoy finding the weird stuff almost as I enjoy finding the good stuff in my thrift shop travels or in any store really. 

For example...I'm sure they thought this was a good idea at the time:

Yep, you just aim this tanning lamp directly on your face!
It was $14.99, which is a fraction of what you will pay to have the dermatologist scrape the cancer cells off of your face.

This next picture....well, this just kinda pissed me off. For several reasons.

Exact some tools arranged in the exact same position. One set is pink and called "household tools" featuring a lady on the front. Price is $14.99

Second set is called "precision set" and it is $20.39. Features man hands working on stuff. Again, these sets are the exact same set except for the color and price. 

So, Target has found a way to insult both sexes. My husband admits that even though the sets are the same, he would pay more because he wouldn't want the pink tools. Target insults women by thinking women have to have pink tools and referring to them as "household tools" and Target insults men by making them pay more because they don't want pink tools. 
And notice on the front, it appears that the woman is measuring to hang a picture? And it appears that the man is building a home addition? 
I found this particularly interesting as Target decided to integrate the boys and girls toy section...but they forgot to integrate the adult section..

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Avocado Green!!!

Growing up in Detroit in the 70s, we had the whole Avocado Green thing going on in our kitchen, We had the fridge, the Formica counter tops, the linoleum floor (pebble design) the stove, even the washing machine and dryer in the basement--all in avocado green! And apparently avocado green colored appliances last forever. They were there when we moved into the house in 1971 and they were still working when we moved in 1984. Nowadays the ones I buy, well, I'm lucky to get 5 years use out of them! 
I am starting to get a new appreciation for avocado green and its magical life properties!

Here are some Avocado items, all available in my shop! 


I totally fell in love with this retro beauty!

Been looking for years to find it!

A tin stacking snack caddy, so delightful.

And this little guy--a sauce pot, something small, I love it when I am lucky enough to find something with a lid! That is a rare accomplishment these days. It would have fit right in with my old Detroit kitchen.

The real joy here isn't the cool melmac mugs, but the carrying caddy. Those are not easy to come across as they usually get tossed over the years.

I love tumblers and I love plastic, since it is less likely to crack (although it can crack, just better odds that it won't) Includes snack trays. I'd use it for cookies and I would put margaritas in my tumbler. But that's just a suggestion...

Small luggage for a sweet overnight trip to grandmas house. I no longer enjoy having larger size luggage in my shop as they are a bitch to ship and cost a small fortune, especially with the recent price increase! Thanks USPS!

At the same place I snagged this luggage, I picked up this odd little mid century velvet medallion wall hanging. Avocado green velvet, how could I resist!

Back in the day, practically everyone smoked. Including my mom, which eventually killed her. Because mostly anyone who smokes with die from it. I remember my mom had the most uncool ashtrays, she would use old mugs broken plates, ashtrays she stole from restaurants...She could afford to buy smokes, she should have at least invested in a few cool ashtrays. Like this one:

(in no way am I endorsing smoking, but I find many mid century ashtrays pretty awesome and collectible as a relic of when smoking was cool)

I really like this canister, I like how it is aged and imperfect. It reminds me that all vintage items have had a previous life and were used and loved by someone before I came into ownership. At one time, someone purchased this brand new from a shop, maybe Montgomery Wards or Sears...

And finally, because you can never have too much Pyrex

If you are interested in any of these items or want to check out other non avocado green goodies, go to my shop!

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Broken Vintage=Broken Heart

It happens. I've been in this business for a long time. It happens, and you just have to accept it. Broken vintage.

I am quite savvy, so not much gets past me, I usually run my fingers along the edges of mugs, plates and bowls to "feel" any chip. I do it twice: once before it goes into my cart, and once before it goes on the counter to be purchased. HOWEVER, thrift shops are sneaky. I am on to them, but I still have to take the gamble. What they do is the wrap packing tape all around a "set" of dishes, or a pot with a lid. So you cannot individually inspect. I know that they also do this to keep the set together, but still....

Most of the time, I know I will be stuck with a few bummers. It is what it is. I try my darnest to try to view each item from the side. If its a great set, I'll just buy it anyhow and go into knowing I will end up with some shitty pieces, but if the majority of them are okay, I still come out ahead.

By the way, don't get me started on packing tape! That will be a whole other blog. For real!

First example:

This beautiful set, all taped together. I bought it because I love it.

However, two bowls were pulled from the set prior to this picture.

Can you see on the bottom there? Chips on both of them! Waaahh!

Another example, this set of bowls were all taped there was no way to detect anything. All the edges looked good, but this is what the inside of one item looked like:

I don't even know how to describe what happened to the inside. Massive utensil marks and some sort of weird cracks...

I don't have the heart to throw them out. But I don't want to be a hoarder that just keeps trash. I try to re purpose them as much as possible. If I was crafty or something, it would be much easier. I would make a mobile or mosaic or jewelry or something. I am not crafty. So, I have a lot of soap dishes, and pen holders

I have more soap holders than I have soap. Whatever, I'm not throwing it away!

I would like to blame the thrift shops for everything, really I would. But sometimes its my fault. Sometimes the thrift shop does an excellent way of packing things and they make it home, and they make it into my house. And then I go to clean them (fucking packing tape!) and they get slippery from the soap....Lets just say, I HAD three of these:

They were heavy and one just kind of slipped. But I will put some of the blame on the thrift shop, because if they didn't put packing tape all over them, I would not have had to scrub so hard, losing my grip. So it is kinda their fault. 

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