Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thrifting Like a Thug

That's going to be my new motto: "Thrifting like a thug!"

Lots of random goodness to post about today. Hence the name "Random Goods".

First of all, I want to chit chat about some recent hauls. I have been hitting the shops hard lately, as I am trying to restock my shop and stock up at the space I am renting, LARGO ECLECTIC MALL, thankfully, my husband has been on vacation this week, which has allowed me more time to get things done.

As far at the Mall goes, its all about furniture! I figure 2 backup pieces in my garage at any time, no room for more. Here is what is currently in the shop, this is while is was stacked up in my garage. Now it is all cleaned up and it the mall.

Set of 6 mid century chairs, a table and 2 leaves for extension. Now once this is sold I will have room for this item that I picked out the other day at a little sleeper thrift shop. Apparently the whole shop was 60% off, don't tell them, but I would have paid full price anyhow!

Twin size leather tufted headboard. Its hanging out in our garage currently, waiting for the dining room set to sell....

Also while I was at that sleeper thrift shop, I came across these two beauties:

Two mid century gravel wall art. Yea, I would have paid full price for these as well. They will be heading off to the mall next week.

I also finally found a nice chest of drawers for my daughter, Avery. Everything was perfect, but it had this ugly floral design on the top drawer fronts. I didn't want to paint the whole thing, because it was perfect aged and had wonderful pale blue details. Well, Avery does play I had an idea. (Mind you, I am not very crafty whatsoever, so I am ultra proud of this end result!)

I decoupaged some vintage music sheets on the drawer fronts! And her Furby and yoga block now have a new resting place.

And now just some fun fantastic finds. All available at my store links on the side bar. Follow me on Instagram for secret coupon codes! @RandomGoodsVintage

Its taking everything inside me to not keep this mid century glorious bowl!

Yea, I wasn't going to pass these up! Retro glory for your kitchen!

This clock sold the day I listed it. Cant blame them, it is fantastic!

COOKIES! This is currently hanging out at the mall, with these two lovelies:

I had three, and I am a big fucking idiot and I broke one while I was cleaning them! UGH! (kicking myself!) Anyhow, these are also at the mall.

I am digging enamel pots lately! Barkeepers friend has been a godsend!

A few beautiful books always find their way into my basket!

This cookbook was a garage sale find, she had some other vintage cookbooks that I also wanted to get, but then I heard the old bat who was hosting the sale, yell at some other customer who asked for a deal! Lady this aint Macys, if you cant make a deal, don't have a garage sale, or at least don't yell at people that ask for a deal, for crissakes! I kinda just wanted to put everything back, but I really wanted this one book at least, so I paid her and got the hell out!

This next find was a real treat! I had been eyeballing it for a few weeks, but it was too pricey. It was just so tempting, but I used great restraint and didn't give in. Then I went back and all blue tags were 75% off, and guess what had a blue tag!? I nearly peed myself. This is actually a larger set than pictured, I was cleaning and inspecting my wonderful find (which resides at the mall right now)

Again, hard not to keep this one! Such flower power mod loveliness!

Needless to say, I have been busy and such with two Etsy shops and now a space rental. Show some support and remember to shop local and indie as much as possible!

As always I love to hear from you, comments, suggestions, jokes, gossip....Do tell!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Folks who know me, hear me say that a lot...."nothing ventured, nothing gained". I am not necessarily a risk taker. But I do take little tiny risks that won't screw me too bad if they don't work out.

So hubby (Greg) and I were just chit chatting about random stuff, and he mentioned if I ever thought of doing a space rental type of thing. (um...YEAH, I have, but I never, ever mentioned it, because I figured that he would never, ever go for it). So of course I told him that I would be interested in that. For many reasons:

1) Sometimes I pass up furniture and larger accessory items because they are not something I want to ship. This happens a lot.

2) I have many, many large dish sets, they do sell on occasion, but mostly people don't want to pay $75 to ship $30 of dishes. Nor do I particularly care for individually bubble wrapping each and every dish.

3) I do have several items currently that I never bothered to list because they are pretty large and shipping would be a beast, so they just sit in storage.

4) Every time I ship a breakable item, I hope that it will make it to its destination in one piece.

Several other reasons, but those are the main ones that come to mind.

Anyhow, since Greg mentioned it, I told him that I would call around and see what's out there and then we can plan on something during summer, so I can start shopping furniture and whatnot in my shopping trips.

So I called around. One lady, who was eating while talking to me, was rude and kept talking garbled and I had to keep asking her to repeat herself. Screw her... put down the burrito, bitch, when a potential customer calls!

The other places I called either had a two year wait, or had a closed waiting list.

I ended up calling one place that just so happened to have an open space (yay me), the owners were super duper nice too. So I decided to check it out. It was very clean and organized, and I had a good feeling about this place. EXCEPT I had to rent it NOW, because it is currently available. I knew from all my research that I had to jump on it.

So I broke the news to Greg. We do not have time to prepare. We are in now.

Scampered to find a bookcase for storage, and get things priced and inventoried. Unfortunately, we weren't as prepared as we needed to be, but we did move in and have started the process.


My kid is not for sale....

Heading back tomorrow with some more goodies. I am really hoping this works out. I have heard horror stories and I have heard success stories. The guy that was previously in our spot did so well that he ended up moving to a super large space in the front of the store. Fingers crossed!

So if you are in Florida, come check out Random Goods Vintage

 ******************LARGO ECLECTIC MALL*****************

I would love your support!

For those of you who have rented space at antique malls, Id love to hear some advice. I don't want to hear horror stories and what I mistake I made. (why ya wanna make me feel bad?) Just useful good advice is welcome:-)