Sunday, January 26, 2014

Goofus and Gallant Deliver my Mail

Goofus and Gallant. Remember them? Highlights Magazine? Ring a bell yet? Goofus was the bratty kid who always made wrong choices, and Gallant was the goody two shoes kid who always made the right choice in the same situation.

For Example:


(Click on to enlarge)
Goofus: lets change the rules.

Gallant: Lets stick to the rules.

Goofus takes the last apple.
Gallant shares his orange.

So that's how it goes. Goofus is an asshole and Gallant is Mr. Perfect.  For decades. Highlights magazine's message was pretty much, "Don't be a Goofus!" But to be honest with you, I'm not sure which one I hated more....

There are some real life Goofus and Gallant situations. It's real. Its real in my neighborhood. Take for example, my neighborhood postal carriers. Earl and *Al (name changed, Frankly because I don't trust the likes of him, and don't want to face any sort of retaliation.)

Earl is like Gallant. He is our regular postal hero around here. He is handsome, kind, funny, super friendly, helpful...just all around well loved and awesome!

Al is like Goofus.  He is our substitute carrier. Mean spirited, angry, sucky mailman...okay, you get the idea.

Since I didn't want to bother them for a photograph (nor did I want to answer questions as WHY I needed a pic), I did my best to draw them:

EARL- The good guy, the Gallant.

Al- The bad one, the Goofus
Al: I like to deliver the wrong mail to people.
Earl: I like delivering the right mail to people.
Al: I am going to rearrange everyone's trash bins, because, even though they are not in my way, they still irritate me. And it helps waste my time.
Earl: These trash bins are nowhere near interfering with my postal route. I'm glad to see so many people recycling. And those trash collectors are hard workers.
Al: I like to leave nasty notes in peoples mailboxes telling them correct procedure. Such as no cars parked on the street and where to place trash bins.
Earl: I don't even know what a nasty note is. And I would never leave one in this nice community.
Al: This school bus is taking too long, I'm just going to drive around it, even though their stop sign is up. After all, they didn't pay attention to all that honking I did! I'm in a hurry, I have trash cans to rearrange.
Earl: Awww...Look at all those nice children coming home after a hard day at school.
Al: I hate when people leave birthday invitations in the mailbox without a stamp, even when they live next door. I'll just take it.
Earl: How nice, another birthday party.
Al: "Grumble, Grumble, Grumble...."
Earl: "Oh Hi, Mrs Smith! I hope you are having a nice day, How are the kids?"
I could go on all day, but you get the idea. Earl is the best postal carrier ever. All of us in our community love him. We all cringe on Tuesdays when Al is around. I used to like our old sub. Some sweet lady with a super high voice who said I looked like a super model. I liked her...what ever happened to her?....
Good and evil. Its always around, in life, in movies, in books......
Naughty Nicky. A little boy, who is naughty, learns a valuable lesson, though a weird dream. Available-----HERE

Cranberry Thanksgiving. A bad guest tries to steal the delicious, amazing and secret family recipe for cranberry bread. The good guy looks like a pile of dirty crap bum, while the bad guy looks like Brad Pitt. Don't judge a book by the cover.


The Hat. A good guy, who is disabled, lonely and poor, receives a magical hat that helps him, fight crime, meet a love, help people, become rich and get married, before his hat flies off to another adventure.


The Flying Shoes. Various town people take turns stealing a man's magical shoes, only to find out they can't handle the magic.
Now on to the good:
Detroit Threads is a Vintage Clothing Store as well as a Record Store. In stock you will find Techno, House, Electro, Dub Step as well as many other styles of Electronic music as well as Rock, Soul, Funk. They also carry Detroit & Hamtramck clothing.

Look at all this stuff!!! You come in here and you don't even know where to start! Its album insanity, I tell ya!

You all know I'm not running. Not even if a bear was chasing me. However, isn't this the coolest thing ever? A running team! What an incredible way to meet the community and encourage fitness. A store with a running team-Love it!

If you are in the area, go there and show them some support. An independent business like this can offer you knowledge, customer service, variety and a community connection that you will never get from crappy Walmart and other big box stores. Walmart will sell you a 25 cent Frisbee made in China.  Detroit Threads will sell you a kick ass vintage record.

So, Are you a Goofus or a Gallant? I hate to admit this, but I am probably more of a Goofus. I don't really follow the rules, and I probably wouldn't share the last chocolate chip cookie. But at least I don't spend my time rearranging people's trash cans for no reason!



Sunday, January 19, 2014

Who Needs Donuts?

Who Needs Donuts? This is the best book EVER! I received my first copy when I was young, maybe about 10 years old, my father returned from a trip to Chicago to visit his family and came back with this book for me. My dad wasn't the type of person to buy me books....unless they were very unique, or came from an art gallery/museum. So I always knew that when I received a book from him, it was going to be incredible! And incredible it was!


Now I realize that these pictures do not and cannot grasp the sheer madness and intricate details of these pages. And that is a shame, because this book will blow your mind! Click on the images to enlarge. You will thank me.

I remember studying these pages for years. Yes, literally years of being totally mesmerized by the magnitude of the genius of the author/illustrator Mark Alan Stamaty. In complete awe!

So that was when I was 10-ish. That book is long gone, unfortunately. I don't know where it ended up, but it wasn't with me. After I had my kids, I decided that we really needed to have this book in the house. I went online to purchase a copy, and at that time, the only way I could purchase it was through Ebay, for a couple of hundred bucks! (secret cult following!) After about a year or so, I was lucky enough to stumble upon one at a thrift store! (They have since been reissued and are available to purchase online). So now my kids have a copy and they too are mesmerized. Particularly my son, the artist. He had so many questions about this book....So I decided to seek out the Great Mark Alan Stamaty online and maybe write him a letter. So what happened next was the best and most surprising part of my Who Needs Donuts experience. Mark Alan Stamaty wrote us back. And not just a "thanks for your interest...blah blah blah...." form letter. This wonderful person wrote back pages and pages...telling my son ways to keep inspired....what inspires never to give up on his dream of becoming an artist...just pages full of a personal view into his artistic genius brain. He even sent a second email with things he forgot to add in the first email. This will forever be my favorite book by far, and I am pretty sure, it will be on my kids favorite list too! This will never be a book that you will see for sale in my shop. There are things that are too priceless to me: My book and my letter from Mr. Stamaty

Indie Biz of the Week!
Located in the lovely Seminole Heights area of Tampa, this wonderful art supplies store carries unique, hard to find items for the true artist. Also, Julie, the owner, will be happy to do custom orders. Big Box stores like Michaels won't offer you the variety, knowledge and customer service that you will receive from Julie at Figure 8 Art supplies! Go there and check it out!

Look at all this stuff!  If you are an artist, it will make your head explode!

I am drooling just looking at these pictures! If you need something, she will have it. And if she doesn't have it, she will get it. Does Michaels or Joanns do that? Of course not! Shop local and shop independent!

Who Needs Donuts is my favorite book.  What is the one (or two..) book(s) from your childhood that is priceless? 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Latest Score

I always try to hit the thrift stores HARD at the beginning of the year, from my experience, it seems that people tend to get rid of things after the holidays. "Out with the old, in with the new" I usually have really good luck in January. Although, I haven't quite had that good luck, yet....I'm working on it. Last week, I headed out with my son, Evan,  to do an all day thrift store run. We passed Restore, which is the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store. I mentioned how I didn't know it was there and I may want to go there sometime. My son said "lets go now, mom, it's right here!" I mentioned how it probably wasn't going to be a good thrift store for what I was looking for...probably building supplies, tools etc. Evan kept insisting, saying, "aren't you a bit curious?" and "You never know what's in there until you go...c'mon, lets go there!" He kept pestering, so I turned the car around and stopped in. So glad I caved into my son's pressure! It was a plethora of vintage goodness! It's also a thrift store that knows how to be a thrift store. They didn't have things with outrageous pricing, they made crazy awesome deals, they even helped me take things out to my car. Thank you, Evan, for insisting we "give it a try, because ya never know..."
We hit about 6 thrift shops that day, and here are just some of the goods:
Awesome creepy clown book! It has even awesomer creepier pics inside. Such a delight!
Interested? Available HERE

This was priced a bit higher than I normally would pay, but once again, I was pressured by my son.....

This retro yum yum is in fabulous condition and works perfectly. If it doesn't sell, I won't be too disappointed to keep it!

Interested? Available HERE!

I purchased several sets of melamine plates. This is just one of those sets. These things are build to last the generations. Love the turquoise, green and blue paisley pattern!

Interested? Available HERE!
Mid Century SCORE!
There is actually a set of 5 of these mid century glasses. Love!
This trivet will end up staying with us. It has so many scratches on the metal. I purchased it cheap and I figured between my Dremel and steel wool, I'd be able to save it. Not a chance. Too scratched for me to want to list it. You win some, you lose some. I won, I get to keep it! The scratches don't bother me. No one's perfect....

All of these items, (except the trivet) are available HERE!

This is such a clever game! Just as fun today as it was in the 50's!
Even though someone decided to answer the question on the game, it will still sell. I sold one last year that was in really lousy condition, it flew out the door soon after I listed it. Somehow, this "yes" amuses me....I feel I should charge extra for entertainment value......

Set of 3 Time Life Art of Sewing books. Fabric covered. These are a must have if you sew. I don't sew. Not even almost. So they can be yours!

Mid century science book set! These books have the coolest vintage illustrations, such a lovely find! They are ex library and have wear on the covers, but the pages are divine!

Interested in the books or game? Available HERE!

Seriously YUMMY and good for your health and soul!

Although I have been a vegetarian for 34 years, I am not a vegan. However, I do enjoy vegan food! I have not yet experienced this gem of an eatery, but since my family and I are road tripping to Detroit this summer, I was researching any new places to eat at since our last visit.  So we will definitely be paying Detroit Vegan Soul a visit!
Detroit veggie friends: pay them a visit and show them some love!

Have you been hitting the  thrift shops for January? Any good scores? Know a independent business that needs a shout out? Share the love and let me know!



Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Artist Gets Resourceful

Evan, my 10 year old emerging artist son, sure knows how to get resourceful. He has been using random tables throughout our house to use as a drawing table. He would have room in his bedroom....once he decides to part with his homemade lego table. So he decided to clean out the guest room and make an artists desk out of the writing desk that is currently in there. He pretty much reclaimed it as his own. The writing desk was an awesome score I purchased when I lived in Orlando. There was a high end hotel clearance warehouse that I would frequent. They would get Henredon, Drexel Heritage...all the good stuff! I would shop there often and I have tons of goodies to show for it. The desk my son has taken over is Drexel Heritage from the Bostonian. I paid $100. A writing desk with a leather top, a real steal!


Some of his fun drawings....
Work in progress...

Some of his Prismacolors. He doesn't own the whole set yet, $$$, Buying them individually from Michael's with a 40% off coupon. He will be getting the big set for his birthday in July. Exciting!

Always have to have lots of cool books on hand for inspiration.
So he put together this whole art desk area himself in our guest room. Pretty clever, and as a bonus, it keeps all of his stuff together in one area and opposed to various areas around our house. On my thrift travels, I am on the lookout for an artists lamp and a filing cabinet for him to use as storage. I will have no problems finding either. He will be having another art show the first Sunday of February in Hyde Park. Come pay him a visit and support a young artist!
Indie Business of the week!
On my son's desk, you may have noticed some Shinola products from Detroit. It was a holiday gift from a favorite Aunt. She sent Evan some colored pencils and a beautiful leather bound sketch book

from a place called Shinola in Detroit. I had to check them out online, and they have a really cool urban Detroit shop with kick ass American made watches, bicycles, leather goods, paper journals and more!

I cannot say it enough: Support local and independent businesses! You will not find this cool stuff at your big box stores! Walmart doesn't care about you, they just want to sell you cheap crap from China. In addition, it is even more important to support Detroit local. Having been born and raised in the "D" , I hate to see her hurting! This city is full of the most resilient and creative souls in the world, your business helps to keep the dream alive!
Go there and show them some love!
Anything new in your world? Any independent businesses that need some love, please share the info. You don't have to be from Detroit or Tampa area to get a shout out on this blog!