Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Favorite Book Store

My favorite book store is not Barnes and Noble, not Amazon, and not Borders. My very favorite place to browse through books is Sam's Books which is located in the Oldsmar Flea Market. Sam's Books is owned and operated by Sharon Micek. She has been in business there for 21 years! I am telling you that there is no reason to pay retail for books, because she has what you are looking for!
She mostly specializes in children's books, but she has something for every age group there. I love the flea market anyhow, and when I discovered this gem of a shop about 8 years ago, I was hooked!
It is insanely packed from floor to ceiling, wall to wall in a maze of book shelves, and plenty of chairs to sit on while you browse through a book or two (or 100). I have been a regular customer of hers for years, and if I only know a partial title of a book, she will find it. And when I like a particular author, she will gather those books for me as well as make recommendations for other books that are similar. She is familiar with  illustrators, book genres, and writing styles of certain authors.
If you are a fan of books, this place will make your head explode! If you decide to visit Sam's Books (and I recommend you do), plan on spending about an hour there. At least. Bring your kids and let them pick out some books. They are more likely to read when they are able to pick out their own book from such a wide variety of books. And they can get a large bag full of books for the same price as one book from Barnes and Noble.
Also, I want to add, that Sharon is a pretty cool lady. I always have enjoyed my chit chats with her over the years.
Both my kids are stellar readers and I credit the large selection of reading material that I have always provided being part of the reason. The other reason is my kids have big brains.
Okay, now here is the part that I encourage you to shop local mom and pop shops: Do it! It's so important to support small businesses, especially come holiday time! Most of the books that Sharon carries are only a buck or two each! Kids chapter books for a fraction of the cost of retail, you just can't go wrong!
Sam's Books is located in the Oldsmar Flea Market, 180 Racetrack Rd. (on the corner of Hillsborough Ave), She is there Thurs-Sun, and she will ship. Her number is 813-818-1884 or you can email her with any questions,
Are you a book hoarder too? Are your books spilling from the shelves, piling up on your nightstand? Do tell!
***For the next month, I will be featuring small businesses to support for the holiday shopping season. Most will be online stores, which will make your holiday shopping less stressful and chaotic.***


  1. YES! I love this book place too! My son is also finally at the age to appreciate it.
    I suppose I am a bit of a hoarder although I only keep hardbacks and they have to be books I will definitely read again. Despite a wee house, we have 2 built in half bookshelves in the living room, a full bookshelf in the hallway, part of a kitchen built in filled with books, books on the piano, a book shelf in the bedroom plus stacks of books around the bed, a small stack in the bathroom, and a built in shelf in the kids room too. It's a lot when I actually stop and think about it!

  2. Love it! Lucky you with those built ins! Sharon said business was slow lately, so I wanted to give her a little boost!

  3. Wow! I've been to Sam's Books at the Oldsmar Flea Market too. She has great kid's books....a wonderful place for teachers, Home schoolers and Moms to start their children reading. Everyone should go just once and you'll be hooked for life.

  4. Sam's books rocks! Glad to hear from others who love that place too!

  5. Nice of you to recommend favorite indie businesses for Holiday shopping. I want mine done and out of the way THIS MONTH. I may even have it all wrapped and ready-to-go here soon! My favorite local book store could be no other than the legendary Chamblins Books Mine, it's IMMENSE, and you can sell your books to them for a fair sum, too. They have a two locations, their older one is like an industrial library with a maze like labyrinth of wooden shelves and their downtown version is similar but with a fancy urban cafe where you can sit and read. I should definitely do a tour of both on the blog, you can see I have a passion for book stores. :)

  6. I love used book stores, Chamblins sounds right up my alley!! My next few blogs will be supporting some
    independent businesses. I really want to give a boost to them during the holiday season. There are several Etsy stores that generously donated to a charity that I am involved in, and I would like to thank them by featuring their stores, in addition to some other people that are deserving to be featured. I am going to hit that bookstore you mentioned when I pass through your neck of the woods (in June). Thanks for the great recommendation!

  7. I'll have to remind myself of this post and shop at the beginning of March when family visits. You can remind me, too, if you'd like. :)