Sunday, April 13, 2014

We've Come a Long Way, Baby!

The older generation likes to talk about how things were soooo much better back in their day. Well, I sure as hell am glad that I wasn't around back then, to experience what that generation of women had to live through. Enjoy these vintage ads. Such great entertainment!

I'd rather be ugly, then to have my looks based on how clean my house is. Guess what, hubby? I'm cute whether or not my house is clean or not! If you don't like it, grab a mop, and if you don't know how to use it, I can show you a good place to shove it!

 Ummm....and they think this generation is fake, they were fake back then too, they just didn't have the medical knowledge as we do now to make it permanent. Trap a man with those pointy boobs....or perhaps poke his eyes out.

Back when "gay" meant something else.....However, by the looks of this ad, I'm not so sure....."Hey Sailor boy, who invited you?"

Most men ask, "Is she pretty?" not "Is she clever?"

They were endorsing women to be dumb bitches.

Dumb women were considered more attractive, which says a lot about a man that wants a dumb gal.

So I guess, 12 year old girls are sexier than you think? This ad is wrong on so many levels that my head is about to explode. WTF?

Anyone over the age of 4, should not being wearing panties with the days of the week on them.  Notice where the ad says, "A pleasure to wear, and sporty enough to share"? Yea, I'll let that "sharing" part swish around in your brain for awhile.

Actually, I am okay with this ad. Your Guy: The number 1 reason for Midol. Yea, no complains about this one. (I guess, maybe that guy could do something better with his hair, love the shirt).

"The answer to the Housewife's demand for efficiency and economy, the woman's demand for beauty"

You know what else is efficient? A maid.

"Christmas morning she'll be happier with a Hoover"

Yea, when I shove it up your ass.

Does anyone else think these are a bit phallic? Especially the one with the top removed? Tickle, tickle, tickle!
(oohh a coupon!)

When your man is more concerned about his cheap, crappy beer than food......not a good sign.

I leave you with this. Because it is pretty kick ass. Love the flower power dishwasher matching the clothes, matching the wall...that look wouldn't work so well for me, I don't imagine they make a stainless steel dress with fingerprints all over it and magnets with doctor appointment reminder cards all over my ass (?)
Today's world is pretty awesome, but I cannot get enough of these vintage ads!
I  just couldn't resist sharing these with you, enjoy!
Love to hear your thoughts!  



  1. Lol, these are great, in a terrible way. Very Mad Men!

    1. haha, I love the vintage ads! Hilarious that they were real ads, not parodies or something....

  2. LOVE these old ads! The Tickle ad tickles me because I actually used that. Tickle was my very first deodorant my mom let me use (before I actually needed it) and it did tickle a little!

    1. Did you use the 15 cents off coupon? haha

  3. That Frigidaire ad is badass! The Love's Baby Soft is WTF!!

    1. Yea, I dig that Frigidaire ad too! The Loves baby soft is disgusting beyond words!

  4. I adore vintage ads, been so inspired by them lately and blogged so this week, too :D Been watching a lot of vintage movies and reading vintage magazines and just....damn. The misogyny, so prevalent. We have it so good now and it's scary to think how short of a time it's been...still have a ways to go but damn, that's some improvement from being considered ornamental/maid/caregivers only.

    1. I am kinda obsessed with vintage ads too! I am going to start featuring politically incorrect its scary!