Sunday, July 13, 2014

Road Trip to Detroit-Part 2-What I DIDN'T leave behind

Yea, totally heartbreaking all the good (but large) items that I had to leave behind while road tripping to the D. BUT, I didn't leave everything behind! As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the Detroit garage sales were smokin' with amazing vintage goodness. Oh Detroit, and your fantastic garage sales, I have missed you so!

After I wiped away my tears from all the incredible finds that I had to leave behind due to space issues in the truck (luggage etc), I had tears of joy for what goodies that I did find and was able to squeeze into the little space we had left.

Here are some of the goodies I grabbed:

This is not just any ordinary book. This is a SIGNED BY MAURICE SENDAK book! Yes the illustrator of Where the Wild Things are, yes him. AND its an authentic signature. I was pleasantly surprised by this, didn't even realize it until later that evening when I was perusing through it. It was just in a stack of random books at a garage sale, no more or less than any of the other books....
This would make a fantastic holiday present!


Some more great finds:

This being the largest item I jammed in the truck. Lloyds High Fidelity AM/FM radio. I love vintage electronics and I am even more excited when they work! This was a fantastic find!
It goes on and on......

Table top hair dryers have always done well in my shop, so I was excited to find this. Actually there were 2 different ones available, but because of space constraints, I only chose one to take back home with me.


And more still.....

You never know what you will find. This garage sale had table upon table of vintage and antique treasures. Of course I couldn't take it all. He (garage sale host) also had a huge old vintage locker that he said that he would give to me for FREE if I just took it off his property! UGH, that wouldn't even begin to fit ((sob)).

Interested in the two games?

Get them here------>OH HELL AND HEXED GAMES

More still......

Vintage new in packaging! I picked up a few vintage items that were new in packaging. Several have sold prior to me getting this blog together. Yea, I have already had several items fly out the door within hours of being listed!
Interested in these?
Still continuing with garage sales......

More vintage still new in packaging!

Thinking its "time" to get this?

Get it here------->WESTCLOX ALARM CLOCK

It just doesn't end......

I picked up tons of vintage needlepoint, I only have a few left since they were fast sellers. The elderly lady hosting the sale, said that her grandma made all of these. She had a ton, all packaged neatly.

Interested in the few remaining needlepoint items?

Get them while they last-------->CHILDS PILLOWCASE NEEDLEPOINT

Its never ending, I tell ya!

Sweet big eye ballerina print set. Typically past experience has told me to stay away from big eye prints, but I had a good feeling about these, I imagined them in a little girls room or in a nursery...very girly and sweet and a bargain that I couldn't pass up!

Interested? Get them here------>BIG EYE BALLERINA PRINT SET


Tin toy tambourine set! I thought these were the cutest things ever, and I wasn't going to pass them up...even if I had to hear a slight jingle jangle the whole ride home. No one else heard it, but I knew they were back there, making music just for my ears.....

Need a little Jingle Jangle in your life?
Get them here------>TIN TOY TAMBOURINES

And more still......

Another glorious set of Max Klein mid century salt and pepper shakers. These were actually new in the packaging as well, but the packaging was in such shambles, I decided to free the couple and toss the packaging.

Shake it up here------->MAX KLEIN SALT AND PEPPER SET

Yes, I still have more. Lots. And like I said, lots of my Detroit finds have already sold. I am stocking already for the holidays. Last year, I felt I was unprepared for the rush. I mean, I was prepared with being busy and selling lots, but I felt that I was unprepared in keeping as much stuff listed as possible. I should have had fuller stores. It has been my goal this year to stock up now and keep stocking and listing as much as I can!

I still haven't told you about THE drafting table....You are just going to have to wait to hear about THE drafting table....

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Did I miss anything while I was gone? Are you doing any preparations for the holidays?





  1. I love your Lloyds radio and am always impressed to find vintage stuff still in its original packaging.

    1. thank you! When I find vintage in original packaging, I wonder why? Did someone forget about it and pack it away and discover it years later? Was it meant to be a gift, or an item never returned...It always makes me wonder....

  2. Wow-- a signed Sendak book??? Impressive! Wouldn't those games make fab Halloween decorations? Cool stuff, girl!!

    1. thank you! I was geeked about that book! Nice surprise....

  3. Such fun stuff!!! I love the big eye prints!

    1. They do have the sweetest little faces. If Avery was more "girly" I would have kept them. But at this point she is copying everything Evan does and she wants skulls and crossbones in her room. Eh, whatever...

  4. Replies
    1. Oh, you have no idea....Ill be listing my finds for months!