Monday, September 22, 2014

What's Been Brewing Lately

With Autumn here along with cooler weather (for you Northerners...we are going to be in the 90s at least for another month or so here in Florida), I have coffee on the mind. Okay, truth is, I always have coffee on my mind. Never offense to the Starbucks fans out there. I don't particularly care for their coffee, I find their atmosphere boring at best, AND I prefer to support small independent businesses. Starbucks is anything but small. Why am I talking about coffee? Because, I will be featuring a few special independent coffee houses during the fall months.

Before I feature my first coffee house, okay, second coffee house. Yep, Last week I featured FELICITOUS...that is where my 11 year old son, Evan, is the featured artist until the end of October, so I'm biased. So before I feature the next coffee house, I want to feature ME, and some of my cool finds this week.

I did not attend Fun Lan Swap Meet this week. I figure every other week will be about all I can handle, meanwhile, I have been perusing quite a few thrift shops and rummage sales to try to stock up my shops as best as possible for the holiday rush.

Geeked when I found this little treasure! I so love string art, and string art with a string instrument is double yummy!

Cool mid-century vibe! STRING ART HARP, would make a fantastic present for the music lover in your life.

70s Wall Plague anyone? The cartooning on this reminded me of Schoolhouse Rock, which then reminded me of "I'm just a Bill...." and that song is stuck in my head. I totally adore Schoolhouse Rock!

This WALL PLAGUE would be fun in a Men's Den/game room or in a bar. Fun cheesy 70s goodness!

Nice vintage red plaid thermos for your warm winter drink. Coffee, hot cocoa, Cider spiked with rum....Whatever, do it in cool retro style:

ALLADIN THERMO will set you up with hot beverages that will stay hot as you get hammered while skiing (totally not recommended BTW)

One of the main reasons that I was drawn to these thermos mugs is because they are the type of mugs seen on "Orange is the New Black"!  Yes, a show about prison made these extra cool to me.

DINEX INSULATED WEAR because you can never have enough insulation to keep that coffee nice and hot!
As some of you know, I was born and raised in Detroit. I try to promote the cool stuff there, because there is a LOT of cool stuff there. Best city in the world (besides the snow, cause that really sucks....kinda the reason I live in Florida). I was so excited to hear about this ultra fucking fantastic coffee house opening up....sharing the same zip code with my childhood home!
And look at this kick ass menu:
I am so going there the next time I am back home!
From their Facebook page, I can see there is open mic night and supporting of the arts/handmade. That is so important to me: independent businesses supporting independent businesses!

Maybe next time we are there, Evan will be featuring his art at ALWAYS BREWING DETROIT 
Very proud of all the amazing positive changes that I see happening in Detroit.
Let me know if there are any independent coffee shops that you feel need a shout out.
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Stay warm my Northern friends.


  1. I could drink coffee all day. For real. I don't because I know I'd never get to sleep. That coffee house looks sweet!

    1. Its a stones throw from the house I was raised in! I agree...I could drink coffee all day long!

  2. Love the thermos. I like anything plaid. :) And yes, snow sucks. The Vintage Bliss Tuesday party is in full swing, if you would like to link up! Jo

  3. Have agreed with all to the thrift store perils, AGREED, my friend, agreed. I'm gonna take my mommy to O-Town to experience thrifts with, undoubtably, higher quality finds. :D

  4. Orlando has some good places. A few really awesome ones closed down. Charlies Treasures and Hearts for Homeless....Those were my favorites, but last time I was there, they were gone (((sob)))