Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thrifting Like a Thug

That's going to be my new motto: "Thrifting like a thug!"

Lots of random goodness to post about today. Hence the name "Random Goods".

First of all, I want to chit chat about some recent hauls. I have been hitting the shops hard lately, as I am trying to restock my shop and stock up at the space I am renting, LARGO ECLECTIC MALL, thankfully, my husband has been on vacation this week, which has allowed me more time to get things done.

As far at the Mall goes, its all about furniture! I figure 2 backup pieces in my garage at any time, no room for more. Here is what is currently in the shop, this is while is was stacked up in my garage. Now it is all cleaned up and it the mall.

Set of 6 mid century chairs, a table and 2 leaves for extension. Now once this is sold I will have room for this item that I picked out the other day at a little sleeper thrift shop. Apparently the whole shop was 60% off, don't tell them, but I would have paid full price anyhow!

Twin size leather tufted headboard. Its hanging out in our garage currently, waiting for the dining room set to sell....

Also while I was at that sleeper thrift shop, I came across these two beauties:

Two mid century gravel wall art. Yea, I would have paid full price for these as well. They will be heading off to the mall next week.

I also finally found a nice chest of drawers for my daughter, Avery. Everything was perfect, but it had this ugly floral design on the top drawer fronts. I didn't want to paint the whole thing, because it was perfect aged and had wonderful pale blue details. Well, Avery does play I had an idea. (Mind you, I am not very crafty whatsoever, so I am ultra proud of this end result!)

I decoupaged some vintage music sheets on the drawer fronts! And her Furby and yoga block now have a new resting place.

And now just some fun fantastic finds. All available at my store links on the side bar. Follow me on Instagram for secret coupon codes! @RandomGoodsVintage

Its taking everything inside me to not keep this mid century glorious bowl!

Yea, I wasn't going to pass these up! Retro glory for your kitchen!

This clock sold the day I listed it. Cant blame them, it is fantastic!

COOKIES! This is currently hanging out at the mall, with these two lovelies:

I had three, and I am a big fucking idiot and I broke one while I was cleaning them! UGH! (kicking myself!) Anyhow, these are also at the mall.

I am digging enamel pots lately! Barkeepers friend has been a godsend!

A few beautiful books always find their way into my basket!

This cookbook was a garage sale find, she had some other vintage cookbooks that I also wanted to get, but then I heard the old bat who was hosting the sale, yell at some other customer who asked for a deal! Lady this aint Macys, if you cant make a deal, don't have a garage sale, or at least don't yell at people that ask for a deal, for crissakes! I kinda just wanted to put everything back, but I really wanted this one book at least, so I paid her and got the hell out!

This next find was a real treat! I had been eyeballing it for a few weeks, but it was too pricey. It was just so tempting, but I used great restraint and didn't give in. Then I went back and all blue tags were 75% off, and guess what had a blue tag!? I nearly peed myself. This is actually a larger set than pictured, I was cleaning and inspecting my wonderful find (which resides at the mall right now)

Again, hard not to keep this one! Such flower power mod loveliness!

Needless to say, I have been busy and such with two Etsy shops and now a space rental. Show some support and remember to shop local and indie as much as possible!

As always I love to hear from you, comments, suggestions, jokes, gossip....Do tell!


  1. Replies
    1. thanks, Pink Cheetah, I have been a shopping fiend!

  2. I have found next to nothing lately! Have actually been "shopping" my own house for stuff to list on Etsy. You found a lot of goodies! Great job on the dresser-- looks wonderful!

    1. Thank you, as you know, I am not normally crafty! You know, with thrift shops it really is hit or miss. Sometimes you shop all day and leave empty handed and other times you shop and have a trunk full.

  3. I love the table and books! :D I've fund and sold that same bowl twice. It's a Blendo Anchor Hocking chip and dip bowl and would have come in a set. The bowl still sells well alone, though. Like you said, truly gloriously mod.

    1. Yea, I find this bowl on occasion, but I have never been able to find the complete set. Not once. :( Its weird, where do the little bowls end up?