Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pick Away at This!

I have decided that I have so many friends that run small businesses that its time to share the love. As you already know, I am a big supporter of shopping small independent businesses. I am going to share an independent shop every week....unless I get lazy ends up being every other week...But I am going to try to stay on track. The holiday shopping season (UGH!) creeps up before you know it. Just a blink of the eye and BAM...and its a holiday! So keep those holiday gifts in mind. If you want a taste of how quickly those holidays creep up, walk into a Target and look at the wall banner when you enter. They'll give you ample warning.

Also, I will not feature ANY business that has crappy people running it. Only cool kick ass people that actually care about good customer service and have awesome products. No jerks allowed!

With that being said...(drumroll....) My first indie biz feature.....

One of the special things is not only do they have unique handmade items...but they are at a perfect price point for a gift for a music lover, music teacher....etc, without spending your whole paycheck.

I like this one because you know that I am a retro lover!

This one is kinda bad ass! AND you can even get them personalized with your name, or a cuss word...whatever floats your boat.  Remember, it is always important to shop small and independent! Your friends and family would rather have some thoughtful one of a kind gift, than some cheap crap from Walmart!

So check out my pals at Twisted Picks at the link above. Owned and operated by a creative mom and daughter team. A true family biz! 

Continuing with  the theme of music, rock on with a few goodies from my shops:

Mid Century string art. Perfect unique item for a harpist....Actually, do you even know any harpists? I can't say I've ever met a harpist, but I think it would be the coolest instrument to play. Can't imagine lugging that thing around, good lord! Shop link in side bar.

Some vintage fun music books to help you get your retro jam groovin!

Hey Mr. Tambourine man....(those damn 60 jams!) These aren't even for grown ups. I think they are kiddie toys...But they jingle enough to give you a headache ......

These mid century high balls will fill enough wacky juice to make you kick out some psychedelic tunes...(yea...set of 3...always a set of 3....)

Well, thats about it for now, Support indie biz and share the love, peeps!

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What jams are you currently listening too? Any good music recommendations? Share some thoughts!


  1. Awesome posts Tara! I'll be checking out your Pinterest boards for sure, I've been following them for a while but haven't been on much until recently.

    I'm jamming to Dave Mathews in my car, nearly all I listen to anymore! Lol.

    1. I like Dave Matthews too! The only time I listen to music is in my car.