Saturday, August 22, 2015

Why go Thrift Shopping?


So many reasons. I am sure you already know about the importance of thrift shopping for environmental reasons (stuff not ending up in a landfill, manufacturing waste...), you already know that you save money (duh!), you already know that most thrift shops are non profit and the money goes to some sort of charity and gives people jobs. So I am not going to bore you with the stuff you already know. If you don't know that stuff, you should.

Reason 1: I don't  want to support greedy big box stores? umm...Walmart, really?

Reason 2: I don't  want to have the exact same tee shirt from Target or Aeropostle that every other person walking around has.

Reason 3: I don't  want to have the same table lamp that everyone else bought from the same furniture shop down the street that was having a big sale that weekend.

Reason 4: I don't want to spend $450 on a purse? (okay, money saving that you already knew about, but still...)

Reason 5:  Its fun. No really, it is a lot of fun. 

Reason 6: Everyone needs a hobby.

Reason 7: You never know what you're going to find. Maybe you will find that million dollar oil painting (doubtful, just saying...) Maybe you will find that hilarious piece of junk that you can't imagine that someone actually owned at one time. OR maybe you will find that perfect dress that you have been looking for. With matching shoes if you are having a good day.

Reason 8: This is an important reason. We live in a very wasteful culture. People buy stuff they don't need, want or like. And they keep it for awhile until they need to get rid of it to make room for more things they don't need, want or like. So it ends up getting dumped at a thrift shop with all their other items that they didn't need, want or like. Many of the items that you will find at a thrift shop is still new with tags. Yep. BRAND NEW merchandise with thrift shop prices. New toys unopened, clothing with store tags still attached, New games still in cellophane wrap, books with not a crease at the spine...The list goes on and on. NEW stuff! 

Reason 9: Why pay retail? Seriously are you rich? If you are rich, congratulations! Do you want to stay rich? Do you like wasting money? 

Reason 10: (Refer to reason 8) I bought my daughters school uniforms at a thrift shop. All items were NEW with tags. I bought 4 pairs of navy and khaki uniform shorts for $2.50 each (she still has white polo's from last year.) I also bought jeans for my daughter and son. I got 8 pairs of jeans for $2.72 each. My friend just complained how much she spent on her child's jeans ($45+ a pair) Um..No, I don't think so! I got 8 pairs for about $20, and at least half of them were brand new with tags. 

Reason 11: My son likes to wear vintage rocker tees, and vintage shirts in general. He has a closet full of rocker tees, a few Simpsons tees, and I just picked up this weekend and vintage Woody Woodpecker tee shirt. (score!) My daughter also snatched up a super cool Ren and Stimpy shirt (wish is was in MY size!)

Reason 12: School supplies, art supplies, office supplies, craft supplies. GALORE! You know how you will see something cool on Pinterest? So you go and buy the supplies, Then it comes out wrong, so you buy more supplies and it still looks crappy, so you buy more supplies and then you lost your ambition. Then your spouse is sick of seeing all the shit all over the house and 1 year later, you think its best to part ways with your 5 boxes or craft supplies, and you get drunk one night and then cry about your lost dreams to be a super amazing crafter, so the next morning you pack it all up and donate it? Same with all the scrapbook crap that you never got around to doing because it ended up being too much work. All that stuff is now at the thrift shop for the next inspired person to waste their time with. But at least they don't pay full price to have shattered dreams. 

I'm sure there are at least another 100 reasons, These are just some of the top of my head. I used to shop thrift when I was younger and HAD to. Now I shop thrift because I am older and WANT to. Funny how that worked out. 

Meanwhile, here are some goodies I just picked up this past week, Actually on Monday, National Thrift Shop Day!

They are listed in my shops:



I got about 4 packages of these mid century bobby pins. I think they are the cutest thing ever!

Large first edition Wonder Woman book. Girl Power!

I snatched up about 6 or 7 different retro "stained glass" kits, All different. Put the color crystals in the chambers and bake and then stare at your creation in awe!

Because why have an ugly tissue box in your bathroom, when you can have this groovy accessory?

School starts in just 3 days. Which means more shopping for me. YAY! 

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Any other reasons that you shop thrift that I failed to mention?


  1. Well thought out post & fun finds! Love the WW

  2. Thank you. I kept the Wonder Woman around for a long time before I decided to list it.