Sunday, January 17, 2016


My son, Evan, had a tough week at school with testing week. Although I'm sure he aced all his tests, but it was a bummer boring school week and he said that he needed a little "pick me up" fun weekend (as did I, because I also have been in a foul mood all week). 

We had talked about hitting a new side of town for a thrifting day trip. A town filled with old people. We usually hit Spring Hills twice a year and it is quite successful, however, my husband suggested that we try Zephyrhills and Dade City, both cities are next to each other and they are about 1 hour away. Totally doable. 

We routed our first stop and from there, Evan just gets out his phone, says "thrift shops in Zephyrhills" and then he verbally guides me from place to's so genius I can't believe how awesome this system is! All in driving order. He is my human GPS, but better than a GPS, I don't have to punch in addresses or try to figure out how to hit them all in order. Its very efficient and it was his idea. 

So on we go, prepared with a bag of cookies, a box of Cheez-its and some BAI tea (my new addiction).

We did get lots of goodies, the prices were fantastic, but the selection was minimal. 

Here is some of my lovely scores:

These weren't even from a thrift shop. There were from some weird rummage sale that we stopped at on the way, They mostly had really gross old dirty sheets and towels and nasty clothes. This is all I got, it was a diamond in the rough. The funny thing was, that there was a food truck there. At a crappy rummage sale...A food truck!


Here is a pic of the rummage sale and the food truck. If it wasn't 10am , I may have gotten myself a taco.

So on we traveled....The next place happened to be my best place of all! I got a vintage red Samsonite make up bag (not yet pictured, I was working all night cleaning and removing price tags stuck on with krazy glue...) and many other kick ass retro goodies! I thought I had made out because green tags were 75% off! But apparently I had dark green tags and it was lime green that was 75% off. (kinda sneaky) Its okay, apparently all house ware items were 25% off, so I still saved. 

This was my favorite find from the whole trip and I believe it was also my first find of the day. 

Hand embroidered retro wall art with all sorts of animals hanging out in harmony. It will be hard to part with this one, but I cannot keep everything I see and fall in love with....or you would see me on "Hoarders Buried Alive"

I also came across lots of mid century goodies. Which are my favorite thing to find.

90% of the time, any cool mid century glasses that have gold accents, well the gold is more than likely worn off. Its rare that I find glasses with the gold I was so excited when I discovered these. is worn always. The only reason I got them is that they were so dirt cheap that I figured "what the hell" They still have lovely patterns, nonetheless. 


I typically never buy things in this condition, but they were practically free....

This is so lovely and weathered. I have no idea what it Dutch is rusty ( actually non existent). There was no way I was going to pass this up!

Then as we were getting into back into the car, there was this tiny thrift shop that wasn't mentioned on Evan's phone. But it was right there, so I said "lets take a look!" Evan said he didn't want to, it looked shitty and it looked like a place that would make him have an allergy attack. I totally pressured him into going in because "you never know, the shitty places sometime have hidden gems" (and as a bad mom, I ignored what he said about his allergies)

I am sorry I didn't listen to you Evan. I really am.  First of all, if a thrift shop sells food....just leave. I really wanted to take some pictures of the nastiness we experienced, but they were following us around (yea, like we were going to steal something...) My favorite was the tube of Tomato Basil Polenta. AT A THRIFT STORE! It was all dusty and they were asking $1.00. I really, really wanted to take a picture of the polenta, but the workers were following me around and I don't think I could come up with a good reason that I was taking a picture of the polenta tube. 

Again, my apologizes, Evan.

 The last and final place...I typically do not buy vintage Avon. Cause it doesn't appeal to me. But I did make the exception...Yea, like I was going to walk away from way. I had to get it. I guess at sometime is held some stinky body powder. But I am lucky. It is empty. Can't believe Avon actually made this. Its so awesome.

This next one, well, I just really liked the retro pattern. Unfortunately, it is still full of cologne. And extra unfortunately, I sprayed it on myself accidentally, and then super extra unfortunately, I ended up smelling like my 90 year old drunk Aunt Ida. 

One last thing, I leave you with this: 

I did come back with tons more. Still photographing and cleaning. Would we go to Zephyrhills and Dade City again? Hmmm...probably not. Even though I got some great stuff, the stores were not clustered close together and it was a lot of driving in between places. Also, we did go into a lot of bummer shops. Just full of crappy stuff. Time wasters. I think only 3 stores were fantastic.

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  1. I'm glad someone is finding stuff. Nothing around here lately. Very nice crewel picture. I kinda like the vintage Avon bottles, etc., but I have to stay well away or I'd be the one with the allergy attack!

    1. It is so hit or miss. After the holidays usually are good because people get rid of stuff to make room for new stuff. And then in the early summer time. People purge stuff for spring cleaning and the weather is better to clean out garages. But the best is when people clean out a dead relatives house (that sounds mean) thats when you get lots of good stuff, and that is year round. Hope you get some good scores soon!

  2. That embroidered piece is fantastic!
    When I help set up the monthly charity yard sale, I'm always amazed that people donate food items. Now, we ALWAYS throw it out, but I always wonder the thought process in donating such an item. "We got this canned giblet jello in '92 for Thanksgiving but no one wanted it, maybe the poor of 2015 will!"

    1. giblet jello? That is the scariest thing I have ever heard!