Sunday, May 29, 2016

Family Game Night-Old School

Vintage games are so much more bad ass than the crap out today...(except for Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, 5 Seconds, of things...there are a few good ones),, for the most part, the new games are not that great. C'mon Perfection? Terrifying, yet totally kick ass, right...and then super perfection...Lawdy! 

Anytime, I pick up some vintage board games, my kids and I have to play them first. Sometimes we are like "fuck this! Too hard" But for the most part, they are pretty awesome. Here are some vintage board games in my Etsy shop. You can see these and more here

MAD is unbelievable cool. You have to only roll with your left hand, you have to move counter clockwise, all kinds of crazy shit. And the goal is to lose all your money. 

If you like Scrabble (like me) this is an extra challenge. No one will play with me because I win every time. Cause I smart.

Kinda like Yahtzee, but extra challenging

Some slappy hand shit going down!

1962 Clue game, not taped closed, pieces rattling around, slim to no chance that it was going to be a complete set. Shit you not, totally complete, even that tiny little pipe...SQUEEEE!

I ain't gonna lie, I had no brain cells left to try to play this game. I used them all up counting the 100 something pieces. (yea, all there)

So strange when a 1962 game has plastic pawns instead of wood. It even says on the box, "plastic pawns included" Like it was a proud thing. 

Well, there you have it, just a few of the vintage board games I have listed. I think I have about 40 more in my shop, all good stuff!

What is your favorite vintage game? I may try to find it, maybe even play it. 

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  1. I had clue and then mastermind clue when I was a kid. Two great games. We had a family games night (requested by my 18.5 yr old stepdaughter) last weekend with round 1 being old school scrabble and round 2 being yahtzee :) I loved mad when I was young, didn't know there was a game.

    1. I was looking for the Mad game for 2 year, then I found one, but it was missing a few pieces...4 days later, I found another one! so I was able to create a complete set. I cant believe I was looking for that game for over 2 years, then in one week, found 2 sets! Go figure....

  2. Life & Monopoly were my family's faves, but my dad and I use to waste a whole Saturday on Risk. No one else in the family could hang with that one!

    1. my dad was hard core. We played Backgammon, cribbage and Chess. Still to this day, Backgammon and cribbage are one of my favorites, Besides Scrabble which no one will play with me because I always always win, by a lot. I used to love monopoly too. I never played Risk...I guess I should give it a try

  3. LOL u the smartest at Scrabble!!! The games look funnnnn except I don't play!

    1. I also used to play Spin the Bottle, but that would not be for family game night.