Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Today is the first day of school for my kids, I have been up since 5:30, therefore I may have lots of typos and whatnot. Whatever. I am tired....

However, I have so many WTFs that I just had to take the time to share in my sleep deprived state.

There is so much wrong with this picture. Its the label on top of a bin full of panties:

No matter what I do, this picture is sideways. Weirdest thing as it is not sideways in my photos...Big WTF right there! Well, you get the point, it is a bin full of panties.

1) It says "panties as marked" not "panties PRICED as marked" totally changes the meaning.

2) Panties should not really be at thrift shops. I love thrift shops, but I draw the line at items that come in direct connect with my vagina.

3) If they insist on selling panties, they should be priced all the same, 25 cents each. (still too much money for items that come in contact with my vagina)

4) Someone had the job of sorting through the panties and pricing them accordingly. How does one do that? Deduct a few cents for stains, sniff test? I mean, really, how does one sort through and price them, what is the criteria?

I do have much more crazy shit to post, but I am tired and I need to refill my 10th cup of coffee, Just keep on tuning in for more fantastic finds and more crazy shit I find in my travels.

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  1. I'll confess to buying a shitload of boys undies from thrift stores while Juju was potty training. Nothing too ratty and I did thoroughly launder them. However, I can't imagine buying them for myself. :e

  2. Ugh glad I don't work as the pantie sorter. Get some sleep