Sunday, April 2, 2017

Its a Cats World

To honor my two new kits, Maggie and Charlotte, I am posting all about cats today.
So here is a pic of my little girls, currently 6 months old. Yep, they are sisters.

Aren't they the cutest ever? No, they are not for sale! 

BUT, what is for sale is all these other kitty goodies available in my shop (links on the sidebar to the right)

Kittens. I can't love the vintage illustrations in this book enough. For real, so stinking cute!

A Home for my Kittens is MY HOME. You can never ever go wrong with kitten books. 

Kitschy kitty teapot

It's a CALICO for crissakes! Another rule: never pass up a calico.

Okay, seriously, who wouldnt want that!
A Basket Full of Kittens.

And lastly, this gem of a book.

....and in conclusion, some more pics of Maggie and Charlotte.



 Remember, they are not for sale. 

Don't forget to shop small and fuck Walmart. Walmart hates you. 

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  1. Your kitties are adorable. Don't you just love kids books? Especially the vintage ones.