Sunday, December 8, 2013

Art > Arson

As some of you may know, I have mentioned  The Heidelberg Project in Detroit before. And I am going to mention it again, this time with an important plea to help raise much needed funds. As of now, there has been 7 fires in 7 months. Actually, let me correct myself: 7 ARSONS in 7 months. Heidelberg Project has brought so much positive energy into this hurting city. And Tyree Guyton has bones of steel and a heart of gold. His resilience and determination is the epitome of Detroit. We need to help support, preserve and rebuild his vision!

My Favorite!

Why someone would want to burn down something so vibrant and full of life, that brings in so many visitors from all over the beyond me.
Please donate to help rebuild AND also to have some sort of security system implemented.
Donate HERE
My indie business of the week is also tied into Heidelberg, and that's how I become familiar with this awesome shop! They designed a shirt with the proceeds going The Heidelberg project. And amazingly enough, these shirts sold out! I hope possibly they will make some more, because it is a kick ass shirt, going to an important cause!
So, I saw this shirt and I thought, "who is this incredible company helping to raise money for Heidelberg?"
 I sent a message and received a response from Brad Hicks. He has a really great online shop with only a positive view of Detroit being portrayed. No guns and gangsta crapola on his shirts. He also supports local music and kinda guy! 
Check out his Facebook Page ("like" it while you are there):

Or follow him on

Respect Tee, One of my faves. 
You will not find his shirts at Walmart of any of those other big box stores. Why? Because they suck! Shop local and independent businesses for unique items and stellar customer service. This would make a perfect holiday present, especially for displaced Detroiters (like myself). Also, He is offering FREE shipping right now until Jan. 1st! Take advantage of this great deal, and support cool Brad's shop of kick ass positive Detroit goods.
His website will also give you more information about his business code and info about Heidelberg Project, and how important this movement is to the city.
Send him some love!
Speaking of art...My 10 year old son will be selling his art this Friday the 13th, from 5-8 at the Whole Foods in South Tampa. Please come and buy his art, because one day it will be worth millions. Support young artists, like Evan! He is the only child in this art show, and it is a major honor!
I originally planned on only featuring local and indie businesses for the holiday season, but I enjoy it so much and have met so many great people, that I think I may just stick with this theme year round. So if you know a indie biz that is worthy of some extra love, please let me know!



  1. wtf people!!!!!! Stop burning down houses! So insane. Very cool about the supportive tees. We might be going to a friend's to make gingerbread houses Friday afternoon or else we will go check out Evan's art. Not like we're not at Whole Food's like every single day anyway.

  2. Gingerbread houses are so much fun to make! Have fun! Avery will be in her glory on Friday....unlimited access to food for 3 hours.

  3. It's just evil that someone is destroying these houses. Will definitely go check out Brad's site.

  4. I heard another one was burned down since my last post:-(

  5. Why anyone would vandalize or destroy art is beyond me. A lack of respect? Misunderstanding of the project? The inability to see beauty on a small or grand scale? The ignorance is so very disheartening. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  6. I hope there is something left when we go back to Detroit in June. Hoping to take the kids there.