Sunday, April 19, 2015


Blogalicious? I actually have nothing to say about food, except I like to eat it. I just like to say "Blogalicious.

I haven't been here lately. Seriously, life is just crazy. I have 2 kids in 2 different schools, both on the opposite sides of the city. My daily car commute with taking them to and from school is 4.5 hours. Except on Mondays, where it is more like 7 hours. So I am pretty exhausted dealing with traffic day in and day out. I can't wait until summer!

So I welcome you back, I welcome myself back and I am going to try to be as coherent as I possibly can.

I will start with a few things I passed up this week at the thrift shops:

When I first saw these fantastic giant canisters I ran towards them before anyone else tried to snatch them up, knocking down the elderly and trampling upon children in a mad dash. Only $5 each? Can that be right? Yea, it was right. You know why? Because they are written ALL over the place, obviously used as storage. (DAMMIT!) AND the labels that wrap around the canister where made of cardboard, so its not like Barkeepers friend or Magic Eraser was going to do any good. I felt like Ralph Wiggums when Lisa said she wasn't his girlfriend at the Krusty the Klown event on live TV...My heart was crushed!

Speaking of Krusty:

A four feet tall Krusty the Klown. $5. I know my son would have loved this, but I decided not to get it for him because I didn't want to look at it every time I went into his bedroom. Sorry, kid! Now if it was a cool character like Homer or Ralph, I would have grabbed it in a heartbeat. But Krusty can kiss my ass!

Here is some cool shitz I didn't pass up:

These sheets! OMG, right? Looks like I tore them of Bob Newharts bed.

This crap seemed kinda cool. My son found the light thingy and he was going to buy it, but then he got sick of lugging it around while I continued shopping, so he let me buy it. Yay, weak kid! I don't know if it works, and Im not going to plug it in because the cord scares me.

I will admit that these guys are kinda ugly. My kids hate these guys and they think they are creepy. Yea...that's why I pick them up whenever I see them.

Poly Perk coffee pot. It holds 4-6 cups of coffee, or the way I drink coffee, 1 cup

Available here: POLY PERK

I pick up a Marushka silk screen anytime I am lucky to come across them!

Available here:   MARUSHKA SILK SCREEN

This thermos was different than any others I have come across, so I couldn't pass this up. It was a flea market find.

This travel bar is just so kick ass! Includes glass carafes and all the bar fixings to help you get drunk when you are away from home! Mad men style!

Available here: TRAVEL BAR

Vintage towels are just plain fun! Great retro colors!


The following are fun retro books.

All are available here:RANDOM GOODS BOOK ROOM

The MASSAGE BOOK is fantastic because it has illustrations of naked hippies that don't know what a razor is. Yea, naked hairy hippies massaging each other. Sheer delight, I tell ya!

I love Row Houses!
KITTENS AND MORE KITTENS. I love this book and I had a copy when I was a child.

This book! Full of the most trippy pictures you could imagine! Some of my favorite illustrations ever! Eye candy! 

 I really have so much more to chit chat about, but time is of essence these days, ya know? Check out both my shops (links at side bar) to see a gazillion other new things that I didn't even tell you about.
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Whats new on your side of the world? Tell me about your shitty commute so I don't feel alone. Or tell me about some cool stuff you found lately OR stuff you had to pass up! Or tell me I'm pretty, or talk about your cute cat.



  1. The sheets and the travel bar!!!! My dad had a travel bar lololol

    1. having a travel bar makes it much easier to get drunk when you are on the go!

  2. You've found a lot of stuff! I laughed at the Bob Newhart reference. Cool sheets. Cool books. I've heard those lights called "trouble lights." Sorry, but I don't have a cat these days, and I'm sure you're a knock-out!

    1. Thanks! I find a lot of sheets, but those have been my favorite so far.

  3. I want those sheets! I sold a coffee set like that in the past. Took a while of it sitting though.

    1. The weird thing about those sheets were that a month prior, I came across the pillowcases and the fitted sheet only. I sold those immediately. The next month and the same thrift shop, I found the flat sheet. I messaged the person who purchased the original set and asked her if she wanted it for half price before I listed it, and I never heard back from her. So after 2 weeks I ended up listing it. My favorite bedding find ever!