Sunday, September 6, 2015

What to do When the Kids go Back to School

What to do when the kids go back to school? Well, Duh! Back to my twice a week (or more) thrift shop/estate sale routine! In all fairness, my kiddos don't mind an occasional thrift jaunt,  in fact, my son would probably be happy going every day. But still..I do enjoy some alone time to really spend my time digging around and exploring every nook and granny. 

Yep, so that very first day of school, mama hit the trails! I kinda felt guilty at first, like I should have stayed at home, crying about how much I miss them and how big they are getting...however, I did think about them the whole time, so that makes it okay, and I was super excited to pick them up and hear all about their first days and their new teachers etc. 

My day out was pretty decent. I didn't get a whole lot, but I what I did get was pretty kick ass I must say....

I am dying over these dishes! Seriously, it is very challenging NOT to keep these gems! A perfect set of four and there is four in our family....but I know they would be trashed in a week and I would freak out with every fork scraping along the bottom. My kids would be scared to eat and I would become the plate nazi.

So in my shop they go!

Find them here ------>MID CENTURY PLATES

This next vintage toy has a story of redemption behind it. When I was a little girl, I had this one friend that was an only child. She had a gazillion cool toys. Her basement had wall to ceiling built in shelves and every single one of them were filled with toys and games, much of which my family couldn't afford. This "friend" was sorta a bitch. She had this tree house toy sitting on one of those shelves and I always wanted to play with it. And she would never let me. She always wanted to play "school" in which I always had to be the student and she always got to be the teacher and she would boss me around. (I told you she was a bitch.) I wanted so bad to play with this Tree House toy and she NOT ONCE let me. Yea, a control freak at age 6. 

So when I found this toy last week, I about died! So I took it home and even though I really didn't want to play with it, (I'm 44 years old for crissakes!) I did play with it just to spite her and to feel redemption after all these years, then my daughter wanted to play with it, and guess what? I let her. Cause that's what cool people do!

I know what you are thinking: "That was my favorite toy when I was a kid!" Yea, well good for you.

If you want to relive the joy again, its available here:

I did get lots of other retro goodies, so check out my shops and take a looky (link in side bar on the right)

Then I stumbled upon the motherload of vintage sci fi books, I believe a shop closed up and the boxes were donated to a thrift shop. I am a sucker for vintage sci fi, I was able to select about 80 books. There was at least 500 to chose from, I kid you not. You know what pissed me off? So I go to the cashier with a cart full to the brim with these books and I asked for a discount. And that bitch said NO. Really! How rude! So I had to take each and every book out of my cart for her to ring up at full price. 80 books and not one penny off!

 These are just a fraction of my booty, still sorting by author and pricing. Did I mention that they are ALL in brand new condition? 

Now that I gave you a small taste of my finds, I want to check out my talented friend's shop. I just love love love her shop, she has the cutest items! 

Do yourself a favor and check out her shop. The holidays are just around the corner and this is the perfect spot to find a cute gift. Your friends and family deserve better than Walmart crap!

Who doesn't love pickles? 

...or cute squirrels?

I love the colors of this pair of piggies!

Of course there is much more in her shop than pillows, take a look and see all the goods!

It is a 3 day weekend (labor day on Monday), so my shopping time is reduced my one day, but my sleeping-in days are increased by one day, so its all good!

What was your favorite childhood toy? Or a toy you always wanted? 
(by the way, I am still friends with that selfish girl, and she is still a bitch. I question our friendship, but sometimes, like an old crappy tee shirt, you just hang on and don't really know why, except that its been around for so long you kinda got used to it)

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  1. I've managed to convince myself that I don't need more 70s sci fi , but it's hard and they should have book buyers anonymous for those of us who struggle

    1. I know! I feel the same way, but I get drawn in by the cover art every time!

  2. LOVE your treehouse story. LOL.

    I always wanted a BEATLES wig - yes, I am that old. Instead I got a crappy PLASTIC wig that I hated. It was hideous.

    But I did have cool stuff like a Creepy Crawler machine - you're probably too young to know what it is, but it was AWESOME! Plus I had a sting ray bicycle with a banana seat which was the coolest of cool bikes in the 60's. I wish I still had it.

    1. I DO know the creepy crawler machine! My older brother had one! And I agree, the vintage kids bikes were the best!