Saturday, September 19, 2015


Today's blog is not about vintage, not about art, not about shopping local...and it may be about something that doesn't concern or interest you in any way. But it is on my mind so here  goes....



So when I was a wee one, my horrible, evil, twisted older brother got a Styrofoam head. You know, the ones they use to display wigs on? This was a featureless smooth head. And because my brother is kinda fucked up in the head, he drew a face on it. Just a typical scary face...not well done or realistic. Two blood shot eyes...a piggish nose and a mouth with blood dripping down the sides. 

But what my brother did with the head was the really disturbing part. He would kick it and beat on it and he would poke pencils holes in it and burn the edges....(you are thinking future serial killer, right? As was I. But he turned out kinda normalish and a decent dad...) It was just a time in his life that he was into horror movies, Dungeons and Dragons, maybe that was just all part of that twisted little world he lived in. 

He would try to terrorize me with this head. And it did freak me out a bit....but what changed everything day, I was in my room and my brother threw the head right outside my door. I looked at it. No big deal. Then I looked at it again, and it turned its head and looked at me! 

I ran down the stairs screaming bloody murder and my brother just cackled!

It really did turn its head and look at me. 

My son has known this story for years, "Seriously, mom, its just a Styrofoam head..."

Every time we'd go thrifting, he'd see a head, displaying wigs or hats and he would ask to buy it. Thankfully they would never sell them because they are used as display. ( I really don't know why he wanted one so bad...really, wtf, kid?)

Last night my son got a Styrofoam head from Michaels. 
I begged him not to...
After all these years of him wanting one of these, he finally did it. He bought it.

So he threw it in the trunk of my car and it rolled in an unnatural position...facing us.

We thought that was really odd, but we kinda laughed nervously.  As we drove, I warned him that these heads are possessed and he is going to be very, very sorry that he bought it and it better just stay in his room because I don't want to see it. Meanwhile it continued to do strange things in our car, rolling around in odd ways trying to look at us. As our drive continued, my son was getting freaked out by the head's behaviour. And then he finally said,  " I wish I didn't buy it, can we just throw it away when we get home?" I said " No, it will only anger him more" Now he says "I don't want it in the house, we have to get rid of it." I said, "In due time, in due time, let it be, we can't anger the head" I took him out of the garage ( where we decided it best stay) to take a picture, Evan took it and colored the eyes red and tried to scare me by rolling it out to me. It immediately sat upright, looking at me. I swear to god, I can't make this shit up. 

It landed like this.....

Do yourself a favor, don't ever buy a Styrofoam head. 

I'm not kidding with you this time. 

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  1. This would have been a great Halloween post :) Beware of the head!