Saturday, February 20, 2016


I have been scouting out some new places lately...You just never know, some are crappy and some are amazing. 

This new thrift shop that opened up some what near me, well, it really doesn't have a large selection at all. But what is does have is usually pretty awesome, and priced at actually thrift shop prices. 

I usually pop in there when I have a moment, its close enough, I pass it every day. 

Last week when I popped in there, I spotted these unique treasures. They are those wall entertainment toys by Anatex Enterprises that you may see in a doctors waiting room or a preschool. Super fun retro wood cutouts and perfectly worn from love. 

These things aren't small, they are about 2.5 feet tall, I think they would be so fun in a nursery.

This next one, has the patterns worn off the little yellow turny things, but I had such a cool idea (unfortunately, I don't have any pregnant friends). How cool would it be to personalize this for a baby shower gift. Get small stickers made from family members faces and anything else personal, a picture of a pet, the house, a stuffed animal, sesame street characters....and stick them on all the faded turny things. I think that would be the most creative and personal baby shower gift that someone could receive. Otherwise it doesn't look super great. My 9 year old daughter looked at it and said, "soooo....a baby is supposed to learn about road signs?" haha, that is what she could detect by the little sticker parts remaining.

These wall entertainment centers are available here

 I also came across some awesome vintage book at the flea market this week. 

The thing with flea markets is that sometimes the prices are ridiculous and some times, you get a bargain. Thankfully the flea market is about 1 mile from my house, so I stop in often enough to know where to look. 

When I saw these! Oh how I wish there were more. I remember when I was in 4th grade, we would get the school book order form. I never actually ordered any books, but I always ordered a Dynamite magazine. Every month. I think they were only $1, which was an affordable price. 

I only found 2 at the flea market. Better than none, I suppose. 

Fonzie and Pinky!!

The Six Million Dollar man vs the Bionic Woman. 

I hope the Bionic Woman know, because of girl power an shit...

By the way, only the cool kids got the Dynamite magazines. The dorks got books. I'm guessing because their parents made them get books. 

These books/magazines and more are available here

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