Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mid Century Love

My favorite thrift shop scores are always when I am so lucky as to come across some mid century goodness. It's not often enough, in my opinion. But when the stars are aligned and mercury is in retrograde...I know to hit the shops (I made that part up. I really don't know about that kinda stuff and the impact on my thrifting experience.)

I decided to stop buying dish sets long ago. They take up a lot of storage space, they are a beast to pack and ship, and they cost the buyer a small fortune to ship. It is hard for me to pass up all the amazing sets I find. I have paired down to a more manageable purchase of cups and saucers and serving dishes. 

Such as these beauties:

I kinda lied, I did purchase a dish set. But I separating them into more manageable grouping. This here is the cup and saucer grouping. 

And the bowls...

I proceeded to list the serving plates as well as the creamer and sugar bowl separate. 

THIS. Always my favorite cookbook of all time. The first copy I found, I just thought it was cool, I didn't realize how desirable and valuable it was. So when I stumbled upon another copy,  I nearly peed myself. Then I saw the condition and my bladder immediately regained control.  Totally shitty condition. But I still love this book imperfections and all. It has clearly been loved by the previous owner. It had a sultry past, but so did I, so no judgement here.

And this. Totally good condition, so I do feel redeemed just a bit. It was a 5 ring binder kinda day at the thrifts.

I scored some more mid century knit/crochet magazines. Not really for the knit/crochet aspect, more for the kick ass fashions.

Its time to admit that people in the 50's were way cooler than us.

And this gem...

Enough for now. Remember to check back on Wednesdays for WTF Wednesday. Where I feature the things I didn't buy and other oddities in my travels in Thriftlandia

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