Friday, November 4, 2016


Just in time for the holidays! Fun and sometimes unusual cookbooks. Good stuff I tell ya!

This book has always been one of my favorites, I have come across it only 3 times, and I squealed each time!

This particular copy is not the sought after 5 ring binder one that I have had in the past, however its in stellar condition, lovely nonetheless, so I can't complain.

I think this one weighs half a ton. Massive cookbook full of all the classics. 

 I have 2 of these available. 

This next book is old as shit. Gnarly condition, but being from the 1930s, what can you expect?

Not too uncommon, but always a nice score and full of classic relevant recipes that are as tasty today as they were back then.

I also have tons of vintage cookbooks in my $1.50 section, going quick, check it out. 

Check out these cookbooks and lots more here

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Happy Friday!

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