Saturday, September 7, 2013

Love Me Some Thrift Store Style

Now its my daughter's turn to star in my blog. I told you I wasn't going to exclude her. Her true talents are her mathematical skills and her love of eating. Yes, my daughter can eat like no one business. Mostly good healthy foods, but just massive quantities. One day she ate 15 grapefruits in one sitting. She also loves raw peppers and eats those by the bagful. Yes, she eats cookies and all the other good stuff too. She just eats constantly. In the summer she would eat about 4-5 full breakfasts, pretty much eating up until lunch time. She has only gained 4lbs in the past 3 years. She also has been doing yoga for three years, maybe there is a connection. May we all be blessed with such magical metabolism. She did not inherit this gene from me....
On another note, for anyone who thinks they need to pay full retail price at the mall to dress their children cute, boy, are they wrong! Because I am in the thrift shops so often to fill my stores, I always have to check out the kids aisle to see what I can find. I have found Childrens Place, new with tags, school uniforms for just a couple bucks, Sketchers shoes brand spanking new still in the box for $3. If the idea of "used" clothing is a turn off for you, lemme tell you, there is so much that is brand new with tags at thrift stores. Sometimes stores donate overstock and out of season. Sometimes people buy something and it doesn't fit and they lost the receipt to return it, sometimes someone gets a gift they don't love or need. Whatever the reason, their loss is my gain.
Here is my 6 year old, Avery showing you my latest find. Black shirt on sale at Target $3, Floral boutique skirt (new with tags)$2 thrift store.

Old Navy Shirt (new with tags) $1 Thrift store, Jeans shorts with embroidered flowers, thrift store $1. ($2 for this complete outfit, can't beat that!)
Old Navy dress (new with tags) $2 Thrift store. (look at that killer bicep on my little girl! Yoga give this girl some muscles!)
Osh Gosh shorts (New with tags) $1 Thrift store, shirt was given to me by a neighbor as a hand me down from her daughter. Freeeeee.
Yep, if my math is correct $1 for this outfit!
Shirt on sale at Carters $3, Justice tutu skirt (new with tags), $2.
As you can see, my daughter is not a fan of shoes. Prefers her flip flops which she would gladly wear year round, because "my feet get hot and slippery"
In addition she has been cursed with my big feet, sorry to say. However, I have blessed her with super straight hair, which I hope will balance out the big feet curse.
You can find lots of new stuff at the thrift stores. School uniforms, formal dresses you name it. I have a formal Limited Too dress, brand new with tags. I paid $3.50, its in her closet waiting for her, it is 1 size too big as of yet.
Her glasses cost $400. Can't always be thrifty.
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Have you found any good thrift store finds lately?



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