Friday, September 13, 2013

The Eye of the Tiger and a Ruined Shirt

At a recent school function for my kids they had the Kona Ice truck there to supply the kids with their daily sugar overload. Ice and syrup in a cup for $3. But the real draw is the fact that the kids get a cup of shaved ice and get to go to the syrup dispenser and have at it. So they pretty much just pump every flavor syrup until the syrup is dripping off the sides of the cup....thus landing on anything it comes in contact with. My son likes the "Tigers Blood" flavor. Its an orangey-tangerine-mango flavored syrup. Its a nice deep orange color, hence the name. My son was also wearing a white uniform shirt that day. You know where this is going, right?
Speaking of tigers, I do love me some big cats. We have a place about 10 minutes away from my house called Big Cat Rescue . And that's exactly what it is. Tigers, Ocelots, cheetah, Leopards, Lions et cetera,  that perhaps people thought they could own, and later realized that was a stupid idea. Or animals that had issues that prevented them from living in the wild, or whatever reason they needed to be rescued. I have always wanted to go, but unfortunately it is a bit pricey and you can only reserve for tours, no open admission. But I think its a wonderful cause and I'm sure I will go there one day.
My amazing tiger find just listed. I found this awesome kitschy tiger jar, probably made in Japan, He has a cool red hat with a cute little blue bird atop. I really love him and I would like to keep him. Which is one of the hard parts of this biz, its hard to let go of all these treasures!
I do so love him! But if you promise to be a good owner you can adopt him HERE. Please promise to take loving care of him!
While in St. Augustine, when I was at that super cool thrift store, Second Time Around Thrift on Old Moultrie Rd, one of the books I found was Timmy Tiger to the Rescue. Both my kids just happen to pick this book out of the stack I purchased, and they decided to read it. Both of my kids absolutely loved it! I don't know why they were both drawn to this book, but I think it has something to do with the super cute illustrations of the tiger with the big sweet eyes. Evan and Avery gave this book a 5 star rating in my store (1-5 star rating system).
Avery did not like this page. She thought it was scary. I have to agree with her just because I do not care for monkeys, apes, primates in general. Not a big fan. But Timmy is just so stinkin' cute, isn't he?
Again, another cute tiger to adopt, please promise to give him a good home.
Available HERE 
Meanwhile, I will be content loving our Calico cat, Joby. She is a great cat and my kids just love her to pieces. I think she just pooped, because she just did the "poop run" up the stairs. You know the "poop run", Don'tcha? The "poop run" is that burst of energy cats get after they empty their bowels. Its either that or they are trying to escape the stink as fast as possible.
By the way, my children are only allowed to get Kona Ice flavors that match their shirts. It's a new family law. Avery can't go wrong because she will wear a rainbow shirt. Evan will probably play it safe and wear black, which should be easy since most of his shirts happen to be black.
Here are a few other family laws in our house: 1) No more than two stupid questions can be asked while I am driving.  2) No more than one child crying at a time (more of a law when they were younger, for whatever reason, this law really worked!). 3) No one can use my tape. 4) The kitchen utensil drawer is not a toy chest. 5) If I step on a Lego, it goes in the trash. 6) No one was allowed to use any floaties in the pool once they turned 4. So by age four, they had to completely learn how to swim to go in the water. Worked with both of them.
Have any great family laws/rules? ( I call them laws, it sounds more fierce)


  1. I swear I've seen discounted tickets for Big Cat Rescue on Living Social a couple times.

    Rules... I guess the main one is I want the little man to acknowledge he's heard me when I speak to him. I hate repeating myself. He's also not allowed to touch my tape measure. =)

  2. Yea, they will snap their fingers with a tape measure! My kids love tape. Avery will tape things to the wall and she will use a full roll. So now, I make them pay for their own tape. That way, they use it sparingly.