Monday, September 2, 2013

Some Serious Art!

As I promised, here is the post about my sons art. He is 10 years old and has been drawing since he was a baby. He never drew scribbles, he would try to draw figures and things. Most people thought I was crazy for giving my 2 year old a Sharpie to draw with, especially since I have a white sofa. But it was never a problem.
So now that he is 10, he has grown into quite an artist. He has had group lessons and now private lessons. He enjoys all forms of art, building, clay, stop motion animation, ink, paint, pastels, wood burning. He loves it all, but his favorite is pen, pencil and paper. He loves to illustrate.
He has had the opportunity on several occasions to sell his art at a local market. Both times he has sold out his inventory! His style is very unusual and creative. Its not that he draws well, its that he thinks odd.
Here are a few examples:


Most items sold before I was able to get a snapshot.
All his illustrations are framed in upcycled frames ready for purchase. He will be at the Hyde Park Market Sunday, October 6 from 10-2. Come and support the arts and young artists. One day, his work may be worth millions!
And so not to leave my darling daughter out, I will be featuring her next week in a fashion show extravaganza. She will be modeling the latest in Thrift Store Style. (Her passion is math and eating, so I really don't think posting pictures of her doing multiplication or eating would be very interesting).
And on a final note, HUGE sale at my bookstore! Many vintage reads for $3, $2 and under! Get them while you can! Big, big sale! I can not have a blog with out a little self advertisement. That's how I roll.....
Yes, I am proud of my son (and daughter)! I think everyone should be proud of their children. I like to hear other parents brag how great their kid is at baseball, or piano, or school, or just being a great kid. I know some people don't like it and think that it is shameful to be boastful, but not me. I like to brag about my kids and I like to hear other parents that brag about their kids. I think the parents that downplay their children's qualities are the ones that are shameful.
So let me hear you brag about someone special in your life. And don't hold back!




  1. I linked to your post through the TBEC facebook page. Thank you for sharing your sons art! It is incredible.

    You mentioned that he takes private lessons. I am interested in group or private lessons for my daughter and would love a recommendation.

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you! He has done art lessons at Dunedin and N. Hubert Art Studio (south tampa) He will be taking a Stop-motion Animation class at Hyde Park Art Studio. He takes private art lessons from a guy name Ben who has does work for Marvel comics and Pixar. He comes to the house and each lesson costs a small fortune (over $50 a lesson!) but is really worth it. He is great! You can check him out at his fb page: Stairway studios. He is going to help me with some things on my blog and I am going to put his ad on my page. It was hard to find lessons for my son because the classes for his age were below his level and tended to be crafty and cutesy. Dunedins classes are great, and lots of good stuff in S. Tampa and Hyde park, but they don't advertise so its a awesome little secret. Good luck with your daughter, I love to hear when parents support their children in the arts! I think its so important. I hope you find some great classes for her, please contact me again if you need some more info, Im happy to help little Picassos!

    1. Thank you so much for the info! The private instructor sounds amazing. S. Tampa is a bit far for us but we have been to Dunedin. We actually did a family clay class there last year and loved it! I will look into other classes. She is 7 and is at the waldorf school where art is brought into every subject which is perfect for her. :)
      Thanks again!

    2. That's great about your daughters school and the arts. So many schools have cut the arts program, I hate that!

  3. Thanks! He'll be back at the market with all new stuff. I need to remember to get pics of everything before we go.

  4. Wow- he's really talented! And good on you for supporting him in that.
    My daughter's pretty new but I can still brag that she's been sleeping through the night since she was 4 weeks old. My son has the most fantastic imagination. It's really amusing to hear the things he comes up with!

  5. sleeping through the night at 4 weeks old? That is a huge talent!!! Enjoy!