Monday, November 25, 2013


Many years ago, while browsing through books at the thrift store, I came across a book that just looked interesting to me. I can't explain why, exactly. I think it was because of the beautiful illustrations....I'm always a sucker for art! So I put it in my cart and then I saw another stack of the same style book, so I just decided to grab them all, something was special about them. That was my first encounter with Serendipity books. I didn't have an online book store at the time, I just wanted these books for myself. I did some research on them and came to find out that they have a huge following of fans. People bidding like crazy for them on Ebay! My kids and I couldn't help ourselves and we read each one and then we understood the love for these books. I have since then had a "Serendipity Radar" I seek these books out and try to always carry a large stock in my SHOP. They continue to be my best sellers.
The illustrations inside are just as charming!
They are written by Steven Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James. And they always have a moral, such as Crickle Crackle (say no to drugs), because the Crickle Crackle berries make the squirrel go bonkers but he just wants one more....And in Fanny, finding friendship with the disabled....yea..yea...yea, the moral is great and all, but I really love these books for the illustrations, and unusual/creative outlook of life.
The Serendipity books are some of my personal faves. I will continue to blog about a few other favorites in the future, and if you can recommend some great books that I am overlooking, please let me know in the comments!  
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My kids are making me feature this beast. They have been bugging me to share her loveliness with the world.
Look at that ugly puss.
I actually love her because she is so odd, and she is quite a large size lady, about 1 foot tall. Statement piece! However my kids hate her.  Perhaps it is that frozen haunting stare, those gigantic starburst irises, that lipless tight  smile, maybe even that pig nose. When I had it placed her near my photo station for a couple of days, I noticed that my son placed a plastic bag over her head. He said it was to hide her catatonic glare, but I think he was trying to suffocate her. I have had sick mom fantasies about laying her in bed next to my sleeping son to get a hilarious Youtube video the next morning. But I know that would probably cause severe psychological trauma and make him hate me for life.  So for now, its just a fun but very, very wrong thought.
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Beauty is only skin deep.
Finally, as you know, I will be featuring a independent small business every week for the holiday season. This week I want to give a shout out to Ed at Zip StampZ. He sells custom stamps for all occasions, which are especially perfect for this time of year!
He can help you will any of your marketing needs to give your shop a nice personal touch. He can design a custom stamp for your wedding invites....and then hook you up for those baby shower invites that may soon  follow.
He has also helped me save money on packing and shipping supplies, which as you know in this business is a must!
So this week, my shout out is to Ed and Zip StampZ!  Just in time for those holiday cards....
Any small biz shout outs? Any sales and promos at your small biz? Share the love and comment!