Sunday, November 10, 2013

What a Crazy Weekend!

So, my shops have been picking up traffic for the holidays and I have had to make the time to do more shopping. Friday, I headed out to one of my favorite Thrift Shops that I haven't been to in awhile. So as the elderly gentleman was ringing up my great purchases, I noticed there was a new lady working at the counter. I always do my best to be very friendly to the staff at these establishments for two reasons: 1) they are usually nice volunteers, and 2) makes it easier for me to get a deal.
This new lady working, I'm guessing about 80 years old, and she was all glammed up. She had her hair put in a bun, and had on shimmery blue eye shadow, orange lipstick, giant plastic earrings. She reminded me of Mrs. Roper. It was about 9:30am. So I said to her "My, don't you look lovely! So early too, I don't know how you find the time to get so beautified!" And she scowled at me, in a heavy Russian accent " Because I AM A WOMAN! WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE?!" And then she proceeded to scold me in her heavy accent, waving her finger at me, " I live in a house with 11 family members, and 2 of them are disabled, and I make the time, because I am a woman!! I come to this country and I know who I am, I make the time for being a woman!....." and on and on, waving her finger at me the whole time. Mind you, I didn't even look particularly bad that day. I had on makeup, hair in a pony tail, jeans and a cute shirt. She then followed me out the door, yapping at me..."Next time I see you in here, I don't want to hear any excuses, because you are a woman!!" Seriously, wtf, Lady!? At least I don't have wrinkles!
So, the next day, as my family and I were coming home from our yearly fundraiser, FARE, (Food Allergy Research and Education), there was a church rummage sale. I remembered this one from the previous year as being pretty good. I asked my husband to stop and he begrudgingly did. We were all hot and tired and my daughter would stop asking for more food. And I only had $2 on me. So I go check it out. And holy crap, it was a bonanza of goods! Then I saw all this Garfield stuff (boxes and boxes full). My son, Evan is the worlds biggest Garfield fan, so I went back to the car and got him, and we walked to the corner ATM. Now I had money for his stuff and mine!
These are the only ones he kept, there were about 50 in the box!
These are just a few more...seriously, both my shops will be full of plush Garfields and collectibles.
This is only about a third of the loot! And the man who donated all the Garfield stuff wanted to meet my son. I think he was really happy to see his collection go to a good home. It was really cool to see his reaction, because he obviously was a huge fan!
Now remember, I mentioned that there was all sorts of other cool stuff there!
I love this mid century candy bowl!

The Sandra Boyton ornaments are my favorites! I was such a fan when I was in middle school. These ornaments are a rare find, and they have a different picture on the other side.
Love the mid century ashtrays too! Ashtrays don't always do so well for me, but I just can't resist them. If you have to smoke, do it in style! (or just throw some paper clips and loose change in them, its all good!)
Giant collection of Annual Best of Sci-Fi books from the 70s-80s. Drool!!
Read yourself silly HERE!
Narnia fans, brace yourself!
This is the highly collectible collection!
My weekend started off with a scolding from an elderly Russian Mrs. Roper wannabe, but ended quite well! I have so much listing to do, my head is spinning! I would like to add, my Evan was really good in dealing with the Garfield windfall. I told him that he could only take out some to keep, and the rest I will list. It took him an hour to decide which ones to keep, He selected 8, which I know was a difficult decision for him. Avery, my daughter who is not into Garfield, wanted to have one also. She selected one and she loves him so!
Any good finds roll in your way lately? Any Russian ladies scold you in recent times? Do tell!


  1. I love the retro scores. Hot damn Garfield was huge in the 1980s, my first toy (born 1986) was a "baby" Garfield presented to me by my older twin brothers. I hate the comic strips but still kind of like some of the original cartoon episodes. :D

  2. My son is so old school! He had quad wheel roller skates, he loves all the 80's movies (Gremlins, ET, Never ending Story,) and he loves Garfield. He is only 10, but he is somehow a child of the 80s

  3. Nice Garfield loot! There is this one thrift store that every so often has a bunch of Garfield stuff - it's happened 4-5 times. Quite odd. The best is the oven mitt.

    No Russian lady run ins for me this week, but you never know what tomorrow will bring! Last week it was a crack head on the bus (note: it wasn't our mayor) who got into an argument with me because he wouldn't mind his bizness. I was going to sit on the bus until he got off. So glad he got off before me! This week has been god awful, so many run ins in this city.

    1. PS: I truly thought I was going to get stabbed. Currently stab wound free.

    2. I gotta admit, that originally being from Detroit, I kind of enjoy the interesting characters at the thrift stores. (of course, not ones that may stab me) Glad you made it out alive!