Sunday, November 3, 2013

Whatcha Reading?

I am continuing to feature independent small businesses for the holiday season. Its very important to support the small fry, they will give you knowledge, customer service and variety that you will not find at the big box stores. Supporting small businesses also means that you will help their families put a meal on the table as opposed to helping the CEO of Walmart buy another vacation home.
So That being said, I am featuring a few author friends. Oddly enough they both have written Michigan/Detroit based books.....Hmmm...Okay, I'm from Detroit as many of you already know, and as well as supporting small biz, I also like to support Detroit, because I love her so.
First Author is Michael Jay. I came to know him through a Detroit Facebook group. We grew up on the same Street: Faust. We didn't live on the same block, but there is still that connection. His book is a pretty intense story of his life. And his story is a testament about how resilient Detroiters are. I, of course have purchased and read his book...FABULOUS!
Dog Water Free
A Memoir
A coming of age story about an improbable journey to find emotional truth
For further information: Dog Water Free
It will blow your mind!
My next author friend, J. Michael Joslin, has written a historical Michigan book. It sounds so interesting that I am just drooling thinking about it! Especially since it is Plymouth, Michigan history in particular. Plymouth is a city/town right outside Detroit. I had the pleasure of living there for a couple of years and would have never left if I had my choice. Its an old town full of beautiful Victorian homes and cute little coffee shops and art galleries that are a walk away. Its also where my career as an interior designer all began. I will be purchasing this book for family members for holiday gifts.
So Mr. Joslin has the inside scoop about Plymouth! Can't wait to read....

Thank God For Michigan
Company C of the 24th Michigan Infantry regiment of the Iron Brigade
 Available here: Thank God for Michigan
I will be reading it also during the holidays....can't wait!
I also want to add that J. Michael Joslin is multi talented. He also has an Etsy shop. Check out this craftsmanship!
Gorgeous, right?
Where else are you going to find this kind of craftsmanship nowadays? I know where you won't find it: Walmart
Check out his shop here: Ye Old Rebel Workshop
And speaking of Etsy...I can't end this blog without mentioning another shop, also another generous donater to FARE Food Allergy Walk raffle. Every dollar raised is a step towards a cure for my sons life threatening food allergies.
Monique has an Etsy shop called Unique Nique and she is a true artist. She works with glass. Which means extreme heat! Seriously, I cannot even take cookies out of the oven without burning myself. So clearly Monique has a lot of skill, to say the least!
How cool is this??

Perfect holiday gift for the person who has everything. Won't find this a the big box stores! And I would also like to add that Monique is a big cheerleader for all of us independent shop owners. She is about as positive and kind as a human can be without turning into a rainbow.
Get your glass on here: Unique Nique
Next week, I will have support my own business....because I got some cool new items to list in my stores. Be the first to preview the goods and use my coupon codes before they expire and vanish into thin air...poof!
Books4me will getcha 15% off at Vintage Book Market
Vintage4me will save you 10% at Circa Company
Happy Holidays and don't forget to support independent and local shops!
If you are an independent shop owner, please feel free to comment with any specials/promos/deals that you are having for the holiday shopping season. I support what you do, share the love!




  1. Thanks for the mention always appreciated. Going to have to get those books to read now :)

  2. Aaah, thanks for the reminds to a) get reading and b) get to work getting the shop ready for Christmas, hundreds of items to photograph and list!

  3. Van, both my shops have been busy, busy, busy lately...trying to find the time to get stuff listed....I'll have to give your shop a looksee to see all your new goods, You always have great stuff!

  4. We all gotta support each other...all us small fries.