Sunday, January 12, 2014

Latest Score

I always try to hit the thrift stores HARD at the beginning of the year, from my experience, it seems that people tend to get rid of things after the holidays. "Out with the old, in with the new" I usually have really good luck in January. Although, I haven't quite had that good luck, yet....I'm working on it. Last week, I headed out with my son, Evan,  to do an all day thrift store run. We passed Restore, which is the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store. I mentioned how I didn't know it was there and I may want to go there sometime. My son said "lets go now, mom, it's right here!" I mentioned how it probably wasn't going to be a good thrift store for what I was looking for...probably building supplies, tools etc. Evan kept insisting, saying, "aren't you a bit curious?" and "You never know what's in there until you go...c'mon, lets go there!" He kept pestering, so I turned the car around and stopped in. So glad I caved into my son's pressure! It was a plethora of vintage goodness! It's also a thrift store that knows how to be a thrift store. They didn't have things with outrageous pricing, they made crazy awesome deals, they even helped me take things out to my car. Thank you, Evan, for insisting we "give it a try, because ya never know..."
We hit about 6 thrift shops that day, and here are just some of the goods:
Awesome creepy clown book! It has even awesomer creepier pics inside. Such a delight!
Interested? Available HERE

This was priced a bit higher than I normally would pay, but once again, I was pressured by my son.....

This retro yum yum is in fabulous condition and works perfectly. If it doesn't sell, I won't be too disappointed to keep it!

Interested? Available HERE!

I purchased several sets of melamine plates. This is just one of those sets. These things are build to last the generations. Love the turquoise, green and blue paisley pattern!

Interested? Available HERE!
Mid Century SCORE!
There is actually a set of 5 of these mid century glasses. Love!
This trivet will end up staying with us. It has so many scratches on the metal. I purchased it cheap and I figured between my Dremel and steel wool, I'd be able to save it. Not a chance. Too scratched for me to want to list it. You win some, you lose some. I won, I get to keep it! The scratches don't bother me. No one's perfect....

All of these items, (except the trivet) are available HERE!

This is such a clever game! Just as fun today as it was in the 50's!
Even though someone decided to answer the question on the game, it will still sell. I sold one last year that was in really lousy condition, it flew out the door soon after I listed it. Somehow, this "yes" amuses me....I feel I should charge extra for entertainment value......

Set of 3 Time Life Art of Sewing books. Fabric covered. These are a must have if you sew. I don't sew. Not even almost. So they can be yours!

Mid century science book set! These books have the coolest vintage illustrations, such a lovely find! They are ex library and have wear on the covers, but the pages are divine!

Interested in the books or game? Available HERE!

Seriously YUMMY and good for your health and soul!

Although I have been a vegetarian for 34 years, I am not a vegan. However, I do enjoy vegan food! I have not yet experienced this gem of an eatery, but since my family and I are road tripping to Detroit this summer, I was researching any new places to eat at since our last visit.  So we will definitely be paying Detroit Vegan Soul a visit!
Detroit veggie friends: pay them a visit and show them some love!

Have you been hitting the  thrift shops for January? Any good scores? Know a independent business that needs a shout out? Share the love and let me know!




  1. uhhh great finds! I esp. like the retro thermos :) And yeah, every time I buy vintage for my etsy shop I think "If doesn't sell I keep it for myself" one day I'll have sooo many stuff I will open a museum hehe Nice blog and shop, will follow more often.

    1. That's why I always try to buy stuff I love, so if it doesn't sell, its not too disappointing to keep! .....except one day, you will see me on "hoarders" haha

  2. I have the same mod cheese tray. And that clown book, holy crap! Scariest ever!

    1. Yea, that clown book is horrific...I just couldn't resist it! I love the weird stuff!