Sunday, January 19, 2014

Who Needs Donuts?

Who Needs Donuts? This is the best book EVER! I received my first copy when I was young, maybe about 10 years old, my father returned from a trip to Chicago to visit his family and came back with this book for me. My dad wasn't the type of person to buy me books....unless they were very unique, or came from an art gallery/museum. So I always knew that when I received a book from him, it was going to be incredible! And incredible it was!


Now I realize that these pictures do not and cannot grasp the sheer madness and intricate details of these pages. And that is a shame, because this book will blow your mind! Click on the images to enlarge. You will thank me.

I remember studying these pages for years. Yes, literally years of being totally mesmerized by the magnitude of the genius of the author/illustrator Mark Alan Stamaty. In complete awe!

So that was when I was 10-ish. That book is long gone, unfortunately. I don't know where it ended up, but it wasn't with me. After I had my kids, I decided that we really needed to have this book in the house. I went online to purchase a copy, and at that time, the only way I could purchase it was through Ebay, for a couple of hundred bucks! (secret cult following!) After about a year or so, I was lucky enough to stumble upon one at a thrift store! (They have since been reissued and are available to purchase online). So now my kids have a copy and they too are mesmerized. Particularly my son, the artist. He had so many questions about this book....So I decided to seek out the Great Mark Alan Stamaty online and maybe write him a letter. So what happened next was the best and most surprising part of my Who Needs Donuts experience. Mark Alan Stamaty wrote us back. And not just a "thanks for your interest...blah blah blah...." form letter. This wonderful person wrote back pages and pages...telling my son ways to keep inspired....what inspires never to give up on his dream of becoming an artist...just pages full of a personal view into his artistic genius brain. He even sent a second email with things he forgot to add in the first email. This will forever be my favorite book by far, and I am pretty sure, it will be on my kids favorite list too! This will never be a book that you will see for sale in my shop. There are things that are too priceless to me: My book and my letter from Mr. Stamaty

Indie Biz of the Week!
Located in the lovely Seminole Heights area of Tampa, this wonderful art supplies store carries unique, hard to find items for the true artist. Also, Julie, the owner, will be happy to do custom orders. Big Box stores like Michaels won't offer you the variety, knowledge and customer service that you will receive from Julie at Figure 8 Art supplies! Go there and check it out!

Look at all this stuff!  If you are an artist, it will make your head explode!

I am drooling just looking at these pictures! If you need something, she will have it. And if she doesn't have it, she will get it. Does Michaels or Joanns do that? Of course not! Shop local and shop independent!

Who Needs Donuts is my favorite book.  What is the one (or two..) book(s) from your childhood that is priceless? 


  1. Their Octopus logo is glorious! Our local art super store is Reddi Arts, absolutely loved it, saved my ass during art school days :D I can't even decide on a favorite childhood book, so many..

  2. It would be Who Needs Donuts...if you had a copy....haha! I sent Mark Alan Stamaty a link to my blog and an update about my sons art, and he emailed me back (once again) with lovely words. I love that man!
    This local art shop is price matching Prismacolor pencils price that Michaels has with the coupon. I would rather have Figure 8 have my money than Michaels.....($300 pencils!!!)