Monday, March 31, 2014

Randomness AND some Free Books!

FREE BOOKS?  Ummm not from me, Sorry. You will have to wait until the end of this blog (or rudely scroll down) to find more info about free books and free enlightenment about the importance and perseverance of literature.

But until then, more about me. As I mentioned the last week or two, the thrift stores have been high and dry lately. I have managed to get some random decent things, but it is like searching for a needle in a hay stack.
In about 2 weeks I will be hitting up Spring Hill to do a little shopping. Spring Hill is about 1 hour away from me, its where my inlaws live. Totally full of old people and snow birds. In fact, my inlaws were telling me that half of their community are snow birds and will be heading back home over the next couple of weeks. (Half of their community literally means thousands!) I think that may be a good time to hit the thrift stores over there. Perhaps some of these elderly people drop off items to the local thrift store before they head back home. I'll soon find out!

One surprisingly cool thing I came across this week:


Fun little squirrel fella hanging out atop a giant walnut. Of course I couldn't resist!


This next beauty was discovered on fate. I found it in some random area in between a pile of electronics. I swiftly snatched it up and I rushed over to the glass/collectibles to see if there were any others from this set. Nope. Oh well. Vintage Pyrex Butterprint collection is very desirable. I have had a whole set before and it flew out the door within days of listing it! This one wont hang around too long either.

As I was checking out, the lady in front of me said, "Oh, you are getting that? So funny, because I was going to buy that and as I wandered around, I changed my mind and I just shoved it on a shelf in some weird section." Of course I asked her if she shoved anymore around the store that I should look out for? Nope, this is the only one. Well, I am thrilled I was able to grab this one before anyone else did!
Loving Butterprint too? Get it-------->HERE!
The cool thing about the next item is that they ended up being free to me. And I didn't even have to steal them. The lady ringing me up for all of my other items forgot to add these. As I was paying and she was bagging up stuff, she looked at these plates and said, "Oops, I forgot to ring these up, Oh well, you can just have them, they are a freebie from me!" and she puts them with the rest of my stuff!

And the best part is that as soon as I listed them, they sold. I am not sure about the story that my buyer told me (She is a fellow Etsy seller), she said something about her buying them for a customer that she sold to earlier and the items arrived broken. I think she was trying to replace this order to her customer, or something like that (?) She wanted me to pack these in a small priority box, to save money. I didn't feel comfortable shipping them that way. I told her that they would have a pretty good chance of breaking and if she insisted that I ship them that way, I will assume no responsibility with the condition upon arrival. She was a sweet girl and she admitted that may be why the dishes she sent arrived broken. She told me to ship them however I felt best. So whatever that whole story is, I don't know or care. I'm always ecstatic when something sells so quickly!

This lonely little guy:

I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any more mugs. Especially single mugs. Apparently I lied. I just thought this was too cute to pass up! I perused the rest of the place to see if there was an apple or banana mug...somewhere else tucked away, but no, just this solo fella. Research has shown it to be Fire King, but there is no marking on the bottom. No matter, me likey regardless!

You likey too? Available-------->HERE!

I can't go anywhere without picking up some books of course!

Typically I try to only list books that are in decent condition. However, every once in a while it is okay to list a book in so-so condition if it is a very desirable book. I probably have done it 6-7 times before. Of course I always describe in great detail the condition so there are no surprises or disappointments upon arrival. And I never list something that is completely unreadable. This book is fabulous inside, but the cover is a little yuck. Probably can't tell from the pic, but just below my normal wear standards.

The Animal Frolic, 1954, Toba Sojo, vintage kids book, vintage japanese art

The Animal Frolic by Toba Sojo. This is a fabulous book full of ancient Japanese art. It has been interpreted into a child's story. Just gorgeous pics! Yep, the cover has some extra loving, but the pages are divine!

Check it out---------HERE!

I usually stay away from music books. For two reasons: One, they are typically filled with writing and lesson notes. And two, they don't particularly sell very well for me. However once in a while I just cant resist the cover, and I end up buying the book. This book is pristine inside. No writing. In fact, I have to assume that this was never used in any sort of lesson or perhaps never used at all. But it's the 70's! How in hell could I pass this up? So I didn't.

Sounds Seventies, 1970, Piano Music, vintage music book

Are you loving the 70's too?

This book is so lovely and sweet, I had to have her in my shop!

Mud pie recipe book. Recipes with all sorts of things found in nature. Of course this isn't a real cookbook, God forbid! But a fun activity....I can imagine a group of young girls searching around their backyard, gathering ingredients, and putting together a fun feast for their dolls. Served with a little tea and that is one helluva luncheon!

 Mud Pies and Other Recipes, 1963, Marjorie Winslow, Erik Blegvad, vintage kids book
This would be such a great gift for a little girl. Along with a tea set, too stinkin' cute!
Mud Pies and Other Recipes available------>HERE!
For mature audiences only. Actually this book is pretty degrading to women, if you ask me. Talk about some bizarrely outdated information! Yow-za! However, this book is still a most entertaining read! I had fun perusing this book, got a good laugh...and thanked my lucky stars that I was not alive while this information was considered valid. So thankful!
How to Attain and Practice The Ideal Sex Life, 1940s-1960s
The Ideal Sex Life (actually, not ideal whatsoever)
Humorous wedding/Engagement gift!
You know I love illustrations that are psychedelic and trippy! Here is a good example:
Elizabeth's Shopping Spree, 1966, David Omar White, vintage kids book
Elizabeth's Shopping Spree. Every page is a different color, not the illustrations, which remains black, but the pages. Each page is a different bright color. Quite a fabulous look that I have not seen in other books. Probably expensive to have printed?
Now you have come to the part where I talk to you about those free books! FREE! Because everyone should have a book to read. An actual book. Not any of that kindle-crap stuff. A book with pages made of paper and illustrations that you can touch. Books that you can use a pretty bookmark and set on your nightstand. A book with a beautiful cover....
                                                  BLUEBIRD BUS
Perhaps you have seen this magical bus around the markets and other events. Perhaps you have even been lucky enough to pop in and take a look. If not, you should check out their schedule and pay them a visit. Or drop off some donations. You know you have a box of unread books in your garage somewhere.......

This is Mitzi. She is the top bluebird who got this thing rolling. She is also one of those people that are so multi talented, full of ideas and energy that it puts the rest of us lazy asses to shame! One great lady here!

Be on the look out for this blue bus! Keeping literature alive and well. Promoting the joy of reading. No kindles or nooks in here!

Have you seen one of these around town? There are several. Open Book Exchange. You take a book, you leave a book. Old fashion honor system. Mitzi has several, but would like to have more in the Tampa Bay area. She is working with donations and volunteers to help spread the importance of books! Feel you can offer something? Contact her for details.

From her website:

We believe in celebrating the art of the book in all its forms!

Bluebird Books is a project housed in a converted short bus – part bookshop, part art house.

Through events and exhibitions, workshops and publishing efforts, we nurture a community-wide passion for books as treasures of art and literature. ...

Hop on! We're taking words to the street.
How can you not love this kind of spirit?

For more information click on the link above and LIKE her facebook page:

                                      BLUEBIRD BOOK BUS

Look for the Bluebird bus next at Seminole Heights Market on April 13th. While you are there, don't forget to check out Evan's Art!

He has lots of new stuff ready to go home with you.

Evan's Art show schedule:

Seminole Heights-4/13   10-2p

Whole Foods South Tampa- 4/27   2-5p

Tampa Bay Roller Derby-May 17    6-10p

Also, don't forget to use your coupon code: Randomgoods to save 10% off your total at either of my stores. Expires the end of April.
Links on the side bars, Circa Company and Vintage Book Market.

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  1. The Bluebird Book Bus is so adorable!!! I've never heard of it. The Ideal Sex Life hahahahaha!

    1. Ideal sex life indeed! If you like submitting yourself to your man's every need even if you don't want to, because its your duty!