Monday, March 3, 2014

Cats and Monsters!

I am a cat person. There I said it. No shame and no offensive to dog lovers. I have always been a cat person. I really do love all animals, I have even been a vegetarian for the past 34 years. But when it comes down to one animal that melts my heart into a pile of mush, it would be cats. Especially calico cats! And a calico kitten...good lord, I practically slobber myself with cuteness overload!

I am drawn to kids animal books in general. Just recently, I came across a mother load of vintage cat books! Some are already listed, some are in the midst of being listed over the next few days. Still haven't come across one of my favorites: The Fat Cat by Jack Kent. I have my old original tattered copy from my childhood, I was hoping to find one in better condition one day.

Here are some of the recent cat books I picked up this weekend:

Find all of them here----->  vintage Book Market

I have been wanting a Mr. Blue book for quite sometime now. So happy when I finally found a copy. And it great condition too!
Find Mr. Blue------->HERE

You know I always love all Serendipity books! There are quite a few Serendipitys that have cats as main characters. There is Fanny, Tickles Tale, and this one: Catundra. I just adore the illustrations of Robin James. She is one of my favorites! I haven't listed this one yet, but she should be up in the next couple of days.

I'm not going to lie, this is one of those books that will make you drool all over yourself with the cuteness overload. These are illustrations to die for. This Sealpoint Siamese cat, carrying around her little new born white stickin' cute!  It will be hard for me to part with this book!

Get it away from me while you can! Available---->HERE

Wet Cats. I have loved anything illustrated by Eric Gurney. I remember the Cat Pop Up book I had when I was a kid. Also illustrated by Eric Gurney. He has a way that his illustrations bring out such an animated look to cats. It is a very distinctive look that he gives these cats, and I have always been drawn to any book that he has illustrated. This book has not yet been listed. Look for it this week.
Convent Cat, by Bunshu Iguchi. A stray kitten finds home in a convent. You know its gotta be a good book! The illustrations appear to be pastels. Very lovely! I will have keep my eye out for more books by this illustrator. Check for listing this week!

Horatio by Eleanor Clymer. There are several Horatio books out there as he continues to go on adventures. But it all starts with this book. Super charming, Cross tiger striped cat.
Start your Horatio adventure---->HERE

I have been a fan of Peter Parnell ever since I found a copy of his book Everyone needs a Rock. His native inspired illustrations are very unique and I can't say there is another illustrator out there with even remotely the same style. I always pick up a Peter Parnell book when I come across them. This book, Cats from Away is really cool! I have had it (and quickly sold it) in my shop before. It tells the story of 9 cats that take home in a barn in Maine. Each cats own story and personality.
Take this book home----->HERE

And finally, there is this:

Mr. Bumba Draws a Kitten. Great vintage illustrations throughout.

She is sitting pretty------>HERE

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Any great vintage cat books I should be on the lookout for? Please let me know!

There is an amazing shop on Etsy that I have been dying to buy from! I am waiting until I have a friend with a new baby, I can't think of a more perfect and one of a kind gift!
Amazingly sweet monster illustrations for a child's room! You need to check it out!
Personalized with the child's initial.

Each monster is very unique!

Personalized with the child's name. Protected by Guardian monster.
From her Etsy Profile:
"Guardian Monsters" were created to assist children (and adults) with problems, boost confidence, promote compassion and just plain make them laugh. Each of the 26 Guardian Monsters has a set of Protective and Beneficial Powers which are unique. These powers range from “Grump Projection” (yes, that is a real power) to “Compassion Reaction.” The list is quite diverse.
Each monster has its own name, characteristics and protective powers.

I really cannot say enough about Where Monsters Meet! It has been one of my favorite Etsy shops for years! Do yourself a favor and check out her shop, see for yourself the talent explosion!

I would love to hear what you think of her shop! And don't forget to let me know of any vintage cat books I need to be on the lookout for!





  1. Catzzzzz!!! I am actually going to do a blog posts about baby gifts because I know two people having one soon. But, I was going to get them books lolzzzzz

    1. Shit, nobody pregnant that I know....but two newlywed maybe soon! Books are a great gift for babies, parents need to read to their kids more! (and because I sell books)

  2. Do many cat books! They're making this cat lady happy :D Love the monsters, too.

    1. I love that monster lady, and she is really nice too! She is trying to get into children's book illustration-I think she would be fabulous! Yea, Im a cat lady too:-)