Sunday, March 23, 2014


I thought I would feature some books this week that may just give you the heebie-jeebies. What freaks me out? Spiders...just bugs in general, but mostly spiders. I could handle a mouse in the house, before I could handle a spider or cockroach. Thankfully we have neither of those creatures roaming around the house at this moment. I don't care for antique dolls. They really freak me out. My mom used to collect them and had a cabinet full of them inside her bedroom. Ever see the movie "Dolls"? All these old creepy dolls kill people. Scary ass movie, I tell ya! I don't like clowns, but they don't scare me. I think most of them are drunk and would be pretty easy for me to take down in a fight. So, I don't consider them a threat.  I like the Cirque du Soleil clowns though. They are a different, more acceptable breed of clown. Also on my fear list is  playing sports with balls that can hit my face. I suffer from Marsha Brady syndrome. "Ohh my nose! Ohhh my nose!" Remember that scene where the football hits Marsha in the nose and breaks it? No bueno!

A lot of people are afraid of the dentist. My husband is one of them. I can't say I am afraid of the dentist, I just do not enjoy going to them.  I guess I am scared of the dentist bill.

Teeth scraping....

Yea, I guess teeth scraping is kinda nasty. Pokey things they put in your mouth aren't too fun either....
My Beavis and Butthead comics haven't been listed as of yet. Still enjoying their company around the house and listening to my husband imitate the Butthead laugh. Because, apparently he thinks that me hearing him do that for the past 20 years, I might still think it's funny. He was wrong over 19 years ago...

Clowns. The sad bum personal least favorite. When the clowns are in clown school, deciding which clown to be, is the person that picks the short straw the one that ends up being sad bum clown? I think so.

((imagine some spooky music here, as I zoom in...))

My head practically exploded when I saw this book! I had to have it. My son and I sat in the car afterwards, flipping the pages and laughing ourselves to tears.
Spooky clown book available------>HERE!
Dragons...I don't know..... I'm kinda cool with them. I saw "How to Train Your Dragon" last week, and I pretty much fell in love with dragons. (Except that big, bad mean one at the end). Such a great movie. It is on my top ten kids movie list.
Dragons Hate to be Discreet. Great illustrations by Edward Koren.
Cool dragon book available------>HERE!
Monsters! My favorite creatures!
13 Monsters is a phenomenal book full of great spooky monster stories. 13 of them, in fact. This book will probably not be listed in my store. There is damage on the first blank page, its been ripped out, actually. There is a name in sharpie right on the cover and there are a few discoloration spots on some of the pages. I don't know, I really prefer my books in pretty decent shape for me to list them, and I wasn't comfortable putting this one online. If you are interested, feel free to message me on Etsy or the comments.
I am a sucker for anything Mercer Mayer that is not Little Critter. Look at these creatures. Creepy and creative, but not scary:
I liked his older stuff so much better than his newer stuff.
Do you agree? Available------>HERE!
Aliens? UFOs? Ya scared? Nah, me neither.
Is There Life in Outer Space? Well, is there? If there is, I hope they are colorful psychedelic creatures like this one^.
Okay, now this next one is personal. I hate monkeys, apes, gorillas... all of them. I don't like primates. I think they are ugly, mean, gross and scary. I always quickly pass that section at the zoo. I remember as a child, going to the zoo, and a monkey throwing poo at my mom. And another time doing some other gross sexual thing at my mom. Different zoo, different primate. They had it out for my mom. I want nothing to do with them. Yea, yea, yea, I know we share a whole lot of DNA with them. Whatever. My DNA does not make me want to throw poo at people.  There are some people I want to throw rocks at...but not poo.
Look how ugly they are:
What's up with that hair do, bald top monkey? Just nasty!
Oh it gets better.....
Yea, let's pick bugs off each other! They like to refer to it as "grooming", but then they eat it! They EAT the bugs they pick off each other! They are not "grooming", they are looking for a snack.
Sorry, I know there are a lot of primate lovers out there, I am not one of them. I remember them on the Johnny Carson Show, climbing on the desk, wearing diapers, and smooshing bananas between their teeth. The audience would all "oooh and Ahhhh". I bet if I jumped on Johnny Carson's desk wearing a diaper and smooshing a banana between my teeth, no one would think that was so cute, and someone would probably call the cops.
If you would like to rid me of this book, this book that I did a very poor job of convincing you how great it is...maybe you want it anyhow.
Get it away from me-------->HERE!
Now on to something a lot more pleasant! In addition to the Independent Business of the week I normally do, I would like to start featuring an Artist of the Week!
Nicolas Caesar

This guy is a wealth of talent and creativity! Check out him out! Check out his, this guy has done a lot of cool stuff in his career!

Check out his "sculpture/dolls" section! Really great stuff!



Clearly, he does not stick to one medium. Multi talented! I just love his work!
Seriously, check him out!----->SCARY-ART
What are you afraid of? Do tell!


  1. Replies
    1. Yea....I forgot about them! They suck too!

  2. Nic is a great friend of mine, and as a collector of his work, nothing scares me more than losing it!

    1. Lost art is beyond tragic, that's for sure!

  3. Very cool art! I don't like bugs or rodents. Or sharks.

  4. I looove scary art :D We have a local guy who makes these demented stuffed animal creations. I adore them, bought one for my niece for Christmas thinking she was old enough at 11 to think it was rad but she was terrified. Oops ;) Love the Bevis & Butthead, the clown, though, the clown!! My soul, aaah!

    1. I like scary art too. As long as its creative fun scary, not just scary scary. You are one of those cool aunts, who corrupt your nieces and nephews. Haha. love it!