Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fun Finds...What Was I Thinking?

I kinda went a little haywire. My daughter is going in for a tonsillectomy in a few days, so she will be home from school for two weeks. I am certainly not going to drag her to thrift stores with me, which means my shopping will come to a halt for 2 whole weeks. 2 WHOLE WEEKS! I know that I will have plenty of time, while homebound, to get cracking with my listings. I have definitely shopped pretty hard to be prepared.
I am a complete worried mess over my daughter having this surgery, so I welcome the distractions.

I shopped like a fiend the past couple of weeks. I don't even know why I bought some of the stuff I did. I was in doomsday mode...just grabbing stuff left and right. I figured I would take everything home and than think about it. Realistically, that mind frame makes no sense....its not like I can return things at a thrift store if I have a change of heart. They don't run things like Target.

Thankfully, I am okay with my purchasing decisions. Some of them are kinda odd, but I am good with odd....

Look for these listings to pop up over the next few weeks here: Vintage Book Market . You get a preview of what's to come.

First strange purchases:


Yes, I bought a bunch of vintage Sesame Street and Disney albums. I know zero about albums. Zero. I am not a collector by any means. But I do know that vintage Sesame Street and Disney are very collectible and people search them quite a bit in my shops. So I figured, what the hell, I'll give it a shot! Besides, its not like the thrift stores charges very much for albums. They are practically giving them away. No, literally. They are giving them away. Since I was buying 5, she told me that I can have one for free. So I went back to the album section, which was gianormous, and since I was in a hurry, I didn't feel like digging around in that stack anymore. I just grabbed this one because it made me laugh.

Look at those faces. Look at dad...and look at Santa playing a violin with a dirty yellow beard hanging around his neck. He looks angry, perhaps drunk, maybe both. The girl on dads lap is too scared to look and she is staring at the ceiling, just counting the minutes for creepy dirty Santa to go away. Mom looks a little creeped out, but she sure looks lovely for so early in the morning. Red lipstick, earrings, hair did...with 7 kids how does she find the time? And dad, wtf dad! He looks a little too enthusiastic in my opinion. This santa reminds me of Dan Ackroyd in Trading Places. I think there may be a giant smoked fish in that beard. So now you know why I just couldn't resist this one. I think I will save this one until fall before I list it. Holiday fun time! In fact, I have enjoyed this album cover so much, I think that I may just have to be on the look out for more of albums like these. Like pulp fiction in a larger format.

I did find many other fun things these past 2 weeks.

I also don't know much about vintage comic books, but I couldn't resist these 1970s Star Trek comics. I love all the ads inside. Sell Grit, X-ray glasses....and of course the infamous Sea Monkeys! Like every other gullible idiot in the world, I also purchased the sea monkeys. When they arrived in the mail. I carefully got everything ready, I put the lukewarm water in their habitat (cheap plastic container, not the palace pictured) I sprinkled the magic sea monkey pouch in the water...watched them come to life. Then I carried the container up to my room so I could place them on my nightstand where I cleared off a special place for them. As I walked to my room, I tripped. The whole container spilled on our green shag carpeting. And that was that. They never got to live to their full royal potential.... The glamorous mom, the handsome, manly dad, the beautiful smiling children. All in a mass homicide on the green shag carpet. At least it was quick, no suffering.

So getting back on topic, I know absolutely nothing about comic books, but I just couldn't pass these by. These will also be listed in the upcoming weeks.

These following items will be available at Circa Company over the next couple of weeks.

What was I thinking? Cheese servers just aren't big sellers for me. Once again, I just couldn't resist this one. I just fell in love with the Mid century design on the tile. If it doesn't sell, I won't feel bad about keeping it.

Coffeemaker travel kit. Pretty darn cool and functional. Comes in a nice carrying case. You can even plug this into to your car lighter. This is kind of tempting to keep, since we have a road trip coming up in June. Oh, wait....I can always get coffee at any drive thru. Nevermind me keeping it. Look for it listed in the next few weeks.

Have you also made some weird purchasing decisions? Any advice about pricing/listing my albums and comic books? Any info greatly appreciated!




  1. The travel coffee kit is cool and so is the cheese tray! Sesame Street Fever was one of my first albums! hahaha! I think the surgery is pretty necessary :( Buy lots of yummy ice cream to eat afterwards. At least, I think that's all you eat.

    1. First album,,,,haha. I must have been channeling your soul while I was shopping!

  2. Oh the albums are awesome ;) I have made so many weird buying decisions I can't even think of 'em all. Not a lot lately though.

    1. Those albums are a real crapshoot. I think I paid 25 cents for all 6, so no love lost if they don't sell. They were still pretty fun to look through.

  3. Popped over from Thriftcore. The Santa on that album is Jack Benny. Dennis Day was on his radio show for many years, or am I telling everyone something thay already know?

    1. Hi Diane,
      Welcome! Yes, it does state that on the album cover. Does Jack Benny have other albums with covers as funny as this one? I may have to be on the lookout, or if you know any other I should look for, I welcome the ideas, The one that sold immediately was the Sesame Street Fever album. I am planning on listing this Jack Benny one closer to the holidays. I like these amusing album covers, they are so much fun.

    2. I like a good cover too. I don't know of any other albums like that offhand, but there must have been some more at the time. Funny about the Sesame Street album. Good for you!

    3. Thank you. It was a crapshoot. But it was no huge loss if it didn't sell. You just never know:-)