Sunday, May 25, 2014

Still Hanging Around......

I have opened my shops roughly one and a half years ago. And in that time I feel that I have been somewhat successful, and I am satisfied with the sales I have had and the continued growth that I see. I have set goals that I feel are attainable. This year my goals were to double my sales from last year, so far so good. I believed I even tripled a few months sales from last year. My other goals were to start a business Facebook page (I plan to do that this summer, and my son will also be starting a Facebook business page for his booming art career, at the age of 10, I will announce both when that time comes), my other goal was to start an Instagram account. Done. Although I am not that great at using it to its full potential. Still working on it. Follow me @randomgoodsvintage. Another goal is ......I plan on changing both my shop names to be more cohesive with this blog and with each other. At that time, one and a half years ago, I just wanted to get opened on Etsy and started, so I haphazardly chose names, I didn't particularly love, but I just wanted to get things rolling knowing that down the line, I would change them as things fell into place. That time is now, so look for name changes in the very near future. And know that I am still the mastermind behind them.

That all being said, I also want to mention that every thing has been a learning process. I cannot say that enough. It easily took a year to find out what works, what doesn't, what sells well, what doesn't...etc. Yes, so mistakes were made. Many, many times. I have cleaned up both my shops and I feel great about what is currently listed. However, there are just a few items that I have had almost from the beginning, or at least a year. And I don't want to take them out of my shops. I personally love them and I don't understand why everyone else doesn't love them. They have been with me so long, that I am to the point that maybe I don't even want them to sell, I like having them around.

Here are some of my old friends, why they haven't found a forever home is a mystery to me.

These super retro fun mugs from Safari Mann have been with me from day one. I truly wanted to keep them, I love them so. They are just so artsy retro fantastic. I purchased one from this funky junky thrift store that I visit weekly, and I brought it home and studied it, and thought how really fabulous it was. I saw them selling on Ebay for big bucks. The following week, I went back to that thrift store, and the other 3 were waiting for me, so I snatched those up too! And then the week after that, I went back and there was three of the plates, they all had tiny chips on them, but still cool as shit, so I grabbed those. Funny thing was, I didn't even have an Etsy shop at that time! But I knew it was in the works.....
And these mugs have been with me since day one. I secretly don't care if they sell, otherwise I would maybe take better pics.

If you truly love them and you promise to provide them the best home possible, I am willing to part with them.
------------------------->Safari Mann Mug Set

I can't believe this has stuck around as long as it has, I reckon it's because it is one of a pair, I only have Comedy, there is a Tragedy somewhere to be found. But I figured that someone would only have a Tragedy and would be looking for it's mate. Well, that love connection hasn't happened yet. And my son has been wanting this forever. I told him that if it doesn't sell this next go around, its all his. Which I am totally cool with, because I always want my items to go into homes where they will be loved and cherished.

So will it be you or my son who gets it first?

------------------>Mid Century Gravel Art

These next two items were purchased at a garage sale. I don't frequent garage sales as often as I should, and if they were all as good as this one, maybe I would actually get my lazy ass out of bed early more often on a Saturday. This guy had craploads of mid century cool shit! And a bunch of kick ass furniture that I would have loved to have purchased. I just knew I didn't have the means or ambition to deal with storing and shipping furniture. Everything I purchased at this sale, ( a lot, mind you) sold. Except for these two items:
These super fantastic mid century pewter salad servers from Norway. Still have them...why?

And this heavy as shit solid wood (walnut perhaps?) mid century candle holder. Yes, its a candle holder, but I think it looks quite fabulous as a vase for my fake flowers. Still have it....why?

Both of these beauties would like a forever home.

------------------------------->Mastad Salad Servers

------------------------------->Mid Century Candle Holder/Vase

These bookends are also looking for a forever home. Although mid century is a very popular market, its also a very fickle market.

Heavy, sturdy, well made, purposeful.....still have them.

------------------------>Mid Century Bookends

The next group are my books that are looking for a forever family.

Games you can Play with Your Pussy Cat. This book is absolutely brilliant. It is a very very adult themed book, and it is written is a way that a child could read it and it would also be appropriate. Chapters on grooming and pleasing your pussy cat, spoiling your pussy cat, Toys your pussy cat may like....okay you get the point. This book has received a ton of interest, but I still have it....
Intrigued?-------------->Games you can play with your Pussy Cat
You may think this next book is also adult themed, but it isn't. No nasty-nasty going on. No key parties. But a really fun retro spin on party games. Plus a cool cover!

This next group of books....again, why haven't they flown out the door?


I can tell you that each and everyone of these three books were a childhood favorite of mine! OMG, The Hat! Such a fabulous book, my children want me to keep it. Well, that may end up being the case. Mop Top? Every redhead should want this in their possession. And Be Nice to Spiders? I hate spiders....and I recommend other spider haters should read this book. It may soften your spider hating heart just a bit, as it did mine.

All three of these books, plus a gazillion more, are available here:
------------------------>Vintage Book Market

So, what are you hanging on to?



  1. Those mugs are so cute!!!
    So crazy all the stuff you learn when starting a new business---makes it interesting :)

    1. Im cool keeping the mugs....No love lost if they don't sell:-)

  2. Those mugs are incredible. Yeah, I have plenty of gorgeous still around from eh...3 or more years ago! I'm clearancing everything out right now, I need a fresh start. I agree with Pink Cheetah- this work is never boring for sure and keeps you on your toes through the ups-and-downs. You're constantly learning. Funny, I wrote a similar reflecting post today :D

    1. I guess when you stop learning, you stop progressing and growing. If you learn from a mistake, it has served its purpose.
      I may keep the mugs, because I love them!

  3. I'm puzzled too on why some things sit and sit to the point I've donated them. If you figure it out, you'll have the best biz in the world. BTW, I remember Mop Top-- very cute book.

    1. I don't get it either! I have a little flea market place by my house that I bring things to, they sell them on consignment for me. I have had pretty good luck there. I guess some things just sell better in person. Its been a good way to get rid of some things and recoup some of my initial costs.