Monday, August 25, 2014

Fun Lan Swap Meet

First of all, its not "Fun Land" it really is "Fun Lan". And fun it is, that's for sure! Its a big ole' nasty swap meet that takes place in the parking lot of a drive-in theater. The mass majority is people just taking dirty, broken crap, and placing it on the ground atop of dirty blankets. But yet, I go....Why, you ask? Well its the only place that is open after I drop my kids off at school (open at 5am, I go around 7ish), and for whatever reason, among the mass amounts of dirty, stinky crapola, I tend to find a few really cool treasures. And even if I didn't, I would probably still go. Its just fun, (hence the name) and the people are interesting. That's usually good enough for me.

But, as I said, I do tend to find some treasures.


See, I told you it was "Fun Lan"...

Okay, for the treasure finds:

Kitsch cuties cats. I know, I know, they usually come with two baby cats, but one of them must have run away a long time ago! This sweet pairing also came with a whole other posse of puss. All of them needed some TLC with the chains, as most of them were detached. I enlisted my sons skills. He has small hands that are very steady (artist hands), He fixed them all in under 10 minutes! (Thanks, Evan!)

This momma was clearly scalped, as was one of her babies. There is residue remaining from where her lavender tuff of hair once rested. Still adorable!

This group still has some sparse follicles still attached. Although in some need of a bit of Rogaine perhaps. Totally cute regardless!

All three of these kit kat kuties are available in my shop this week.
Look for them here------>RANDOM GOODS VINTAGE

I also found a few other goodies, such as a 1954 Monopoly set and a globe bank. The bank is in rough condition, but for $1, I think it will make a great photo prop.

So that is my Fun Lan fun adventure, I plan on going every Friday, so I am sure I will post more discovered goodies in the future.

The kids are back in school, so I have a lot more shopping time and I plan on taking advantage of every sweet minute!

Helloooo look at these! They were behind the glass counter at a thrift store. I usually ignore anything behind a glass counter because, to me, it means expensive and "we found out its worth something before you got your hands on it"

But apparently these were behind the glass because of the sheer fragility.

Looky! Looky! Looky! Fabulous kids vintage card games from the 40s-50s. Look at all that delightful ephemera! Yea, the boxes are in pretty gnarly condition, but it really doesn't matter. I am in love with these little guys!
Available here---------->KIDS CARD GAMES
Then there are these fellas...retro Renwal books, full of vintage toy and animal photography, Board book style. Vintage board books are not an easy find. They are usually teethed and drooled to death by little babies.

Set of three board books from the 1960s. Available here--------->BOARD BOOKS

And how about a little music to put you in the mood....

Vintage Fisher Price Record Player. Found this shoved in the back in the electronics department of a local thrift store. I always dig around deep...that's where they hide the good stuff!

Available here------->FISHER PRICE RECORD PLAYER

So much stuff, so little time. I have lots more goodies to post, keep checking back! I have also started carrying vintage sheets in my shop, so check em out. They have been selling quite well.

Any swap meets in your neck of the woods? Are they every bit of crappy as Fun Lan? (I mean "crappy" in  good way. Kinda....)

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  1. Cute little record player! Kids are in school!!! Whoop whoop!

  2. wh0a it looks like you had SO MUCH FUN! I would go to Fun Lan too :D

  3. Hence the name Fun Lan....although I am really tempted to add a graffiti "D" on the end of "lan"