Sunday, August 31, 2014

Reclaimed Wood Project!

My husband scored with this. He knows me well. Last week he was describing these cool things in the stockroom at work, sitting there for ages and they were supposed to be tossed. (omg, TOSSED as in GARBAGE!). So he was describing them to me, in a way that didn't sound too amazing, but I knew that if it was something that he was willing to pick up from work and shove into our already overstuffed garage, that it must be pretty cool...
Today he brought them home....thus begins an amazing project. We are both so stoked!


He brought home two vintage shipping crates from Europe. OMG they are just so kick ass, when I saw them my head just about exploded in a million pieces. Full of vintage shipping stamps burned in the wood. Seriously, WOW, Both are unique with different stamps. Metal on the corners...Yow-za!

We decided that we are going to keep one and hinge the top, create a base and make it into a storage chest/coffee table. The other one, we are going to do the same, but sell that one. We only have one top, which as you can see is much newer looking and doesn't quite match the rest of the we had to get it dirty and weathered. We didn't want to stain it because that would create a new clean consistant husband just grabbed a handful of potting soil that was next to him in the garage and ground it into the wood...omg, perfect finish. And free. Nature will provide!

For the other crate, we are going to purchase some reclaimed wood for the top. Fun! I love these kind of projects!

Decided to put Evan to work. He likes this sort of thing. Here he is...just grinding dirt into the dampened porous wood.

 I asked Avery if she wanted to help, but she was sitting on the sofa wearing roller skates in her underwear playing Mario Galaxy. Its her new thing, to put roller skates on while she is still in her PJs and not even skate around. Just wear skates in her PJs...(underwear and tshirt) She will wear that until 1 or 2 pm unless we are leaving the house and make her change into clothes.  PJs and roller skates. So she didn't want to join us in the garage for the renovation fun.

I made Evan do the dirty work, rubbing potting soil on wood. Then we all jumped in the pool fully clothed. Full of dirt and sweaty, not a good combo.

Here is how the top came out

Can you believe it? Potting soil and water! Come to find out that this reclaimed furniture has a nice resell price. A couple of problems: 1) I don't have a bricks and mortar shop and 2) These things are insanely heavy, and it is not something I am interested in shipping. (shipping a shipping crate in a shipping crate...)
So, I have checked around and there are a few places that will hopefully purchase from me and sell in their retail shop. These things sell for a pretty penny, so I suppose receiving half of their retail price would still be pretty decent. We have access to several more of these shipping crates, so if all works out, we are going to make some more. They are the perfect coffee table size and having the top hinged makes for awesome storage. If you are local (Tampa) and interested, let me know.
I am so excited about these. And Greg (hubby) is also geeked that he found something that is so on the mark. This is a fun family soon as we get Avery off her roller skates and join us in the hot garage with a pot of dirt, so she can be a part of all of this!
Also we have an industrial metal (greenish gray) map chest that (maybe) will be on our selling list. Again, heavy as shit, so it will not be shipping. It is perfect coffee table height and has casters. (I really really want to keep this one, I just have to find the right place for it) Which is why I am not picturing it. I am not 100% sure that I want to part with it.
Any projects that you are working on? Any suggestions of local places that will buy our super amazing reclaimed wood coffee table/trunks (without me having to do monthly booth rental) So far we are looking at Broccante in St. Pete and Rare Hues in Carrolwood....Any others that you know of?



  1. That is great!!!! London likes to wear her skates in the house, but I won't let her!

    1. Avery doesn't even skate with them. She just puts them on to eat her 10 breakfasts and watch tv, read the newspaper comics. I don't get it. Guess they must be comfy!

  2. It's hard to sell furniture to local resell shops since they're already up to their gills in merchandise and local reselling overall seems slow for most. I'd try Craigslist. That's why I steer clear of all things heavy too, even with a big booth to work with. Too much work, it's just me, bah! Awesome piece and progress on it, though. I want to find lots of light, interesting pieces curbside hunting and do a high priced comic book decoupage line for my booth eventually. Also work on a "make something small daily" project. Mostly planting things, hanging stuff and altering clothes. Fun :D

    1. Oooh Comic book decoupage, that sounds cool. Thankfully 2 places are interesting in taking the item and buying it flat out. So it wouldn't be on consignment. We just need to finish the hinges and load it up. I don't know how all these small shops deal with furniture. There are a lot of them on Etsy and Ebay that ship furniture. That seems like a hassle that I would never want to deal with!

  3. Those crates are so awesome that my head is spinning. Love what you did with it.