Sunday, August 3, 2014

This Weeks Randomness

Hello friends! I want to share a some changes with you...I finally changed my shops names and also a some minor changes on my banners. Check them out. The logos on my side bar have not yet been changed. Probably get to that next week, but click on them anyhow and check out my new shop names and tell me what you think.

Okay, enough about that. Last Tuesday when I was thrifting with my son, Evan, he found something and tried to convince me to purchase. It was a fantastic vintage game called "Carrom". I never heard of it and this thing was quite beautiful...BUT, it was also quite large and heavy. So it really wasn't something that I was interested in storing and lifting and shipping and all that. So I told my son that I wasn't too interested. He decided that if I didn't get it HE would. I said, "Fine! but you are keeping that thing in your room!" He was okay with that. So he bought it....but actually he didn't buy it, because the lady at the thrift store who we have befriended over the years, just let him have it. (He made her some art a few weeks ago, so I guess it was her way of thanking him).

This thing is about 3 feet square and over 20lbs! We did a little search and found out that he could get a pretty penny for it, so it will be listed in my shop later this week. Shipping won't be cheap but I don't control the post office (oh, I wish!). Evan asked me if I regret not purchasing it, and I told him that I didn't regret it and I am happy that he will profit from his find, because I don't have to store it, he does! Besides, I am proud to see him learn the thrill of this biz!

Last Friday, my kids and I went to Comic-Con here in Tampa. We went to Metrocon a few weeks ago and the kids had such a blast that we figured this would also be a fun thing to do. We saw and met lots of really cool artists. Mike Victa at LivingLinestudios even gave Evan a special drawing pencil when he heard that he also did shows.

You can check him out on Tumbler @Livinglinestudios, really great guy with some cool art to check out.

Also, we just loved this chick! Fantastic talent! And she was just the sweetest gal ever!


I am so in love with these little creatures that she creates! Check her out because she has many more creatures and illustrations and more! Such mad talent!

Now for some of my delightful finds this week:

Always a treat when you find something rare(ish). Together as a boxed set, they are hard to find. So I was quite thrilled when I came across this tree and shrub book set from the 1950s, still hanging out together.

Available here------>TREE AND SHRUB BOOK SET

And this next book, well I took it from my private collection of my favorites. I just can't always keep everything I love, I do have to part with them sometimes. This book has no words, just fantastic illustrations of a bird and his/her new friend.

Seriously, such a sweet book!

Available here------>THE GOOD BIRD

I love it when friends try to get rid of cool stuff and they give it to me. I wish it happened more often! But then I suppose I would miss my thrifting fun.

My friend gave me this random cutie:

Belmar Strawberry serving jar from California. So sweet!

Available here---->STRAWBERRY JAR

These next two items were saved last minute from the trash! Hubby and I were partially cleaning out a few areas of our garage and in the bottom of a box where some random papers that my husband went to dump out in the trash...I took a peek and was like, "whoa, wait a minute there, partner! These are from my sticker collection from the 80s! You can NOT toss these!" He shook his head at me like I was the most pathetic hoarder in the world. Whatever, dude, they are listed and have had many views already.

Message Units and Toots from Cardesign. Yea, I was one of those kids in elementary school who would spend my whole allowance on stickers every week. I had gigantic sticker albums and I would bring them to school every day to trade with my other loser friends that also collected stickers. I am sad to say that 80% of my sticker collection was already tossed at some point, and this is what remains. Very nostalgic for me. I would like to pass them on to a new loving home.
Both available in my shop----->RANDOM GOODS VINTAGE
Speaking of 80s fun times, I found this little guy at a nasty dirty overpriced thrift store. Diamond in the rough. I don't think they realized how cool it was or they would have charge a lot more.

Rainbow coin bank. It can represent the eighties, or gay pride or both. I was so thrilled to find this in that sorry excuse for a thrift store.

Available here------>RAINBOW COIN BANK

I have more wonderful finds, I will share more next week. It has been an exhausting weekend and I have been behind the screen way too much today.

What treasures have you found lately?

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  1. I love the stickers! '80s stickers, I still check every older looking album in the thrift store. That was once my first stop in the thrift (before Pyrex collecting) & once I went to the bathroom & came back & a guy was standing there flipping through a photo album busting at the seams full of stickers. Haven't forgiven myself! Mello Smellos, Trend, Lisa Frank! I probably could have retired.

    Hope Evan makes a pretty penny, it's great to learn early!

    1. omg, I used to spend all my money on stickers back then! Hopefully, I will recoup some of that, haha

  2. 80s stickers are the best!!! I had a sticker album, too! Do you remember those stickers that had like the oil-slick stuff in them??

    1. haha, yea I remember those! Probably filled with dangerous toxins.

  3. I'm still crazy about the scratch and sniff stickers! I've actually come across some that still smell :)

    1. Wow, you found some that still have some scent left? That's an awesome find!

  4. LOL I wish I still had my 80s sticker collection. There were many horses.

    1. Half of them already husband said, "who would buy those things?" and I said, "They are cool, who wouldn't want them?!" haha

  5. OHHHHHH those stickers!!!!!!!! I had a collection too! That takes me BACK!