Saturday, October 3, 2015

So Much Melmac!

So much melmac! What the hell is that, you ask?

Well, I will start by giving you some fine examples. I was at a thrift store that runs a great special: The first Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the month, the whole store is HALF OFF! Yep, you read that correctly. HALF OFF! Which is pretty dangerous, because I can buy twice as much...and that's what I usually do.

October 1st was a Thursday, so I headed out to do me some shoppin'. The store opens at 10, and by 10:30 there is a line that wraps around the place, people like me who like to take advantage of the half off bargains. Unfortunately, I came a wee bit later than I had originally planned, mostly because I was feeling particularly lazy trying to get my ass there in a timely manner. So I knew that I was going to be stuck in a line from hell.

The first thing I walk in there, I stumbled upon a Boonton Ware ginormous set! Probably about 50 pieces! I took the giant box and asked if I could keep in on the counter, cause I was still shopping. (they are cool with that kind of stuff)  I ended up dividing the set by color, because there was so much.... first the yellows....

Then some pink and teals.....

Then some more pink and teals....

I haven't even got around to photographing the whites and dark teals yet. 

So I continued shopping, putting more things on the counter so I wouldn't have to lug all of this crap around. No shopping carts at this place. Boo!

Picked up this sweet mid century Texas Ware melmac set, put it on the counter and said "I'm still shopping"

 I don't think I could be more in love. I am drooling on myself as I type this. AND remember...half off! 

So now you have an idea what melmac is...kind of a retro plastic indestructible dining goods.

Indestructible is why it has lasted throughout the years. 

But that is not all I got. Other stuff too ya know. Like these beauties...

Nobility Mist China...Not a full set, but who cares? Someone has to complete a set somewhere, right? I couldn't pass them by...half off...remember?

I am still photographing the rest of my stash, so stay tuned and please check out my shops, links in the side bar, to see these and other retro goodies. (so many! You know, because half off)



Some sort of plaster thing with a tiny head,, encased in a plastic shadow box $37, the half off deal didn't seem like a good bargain to me. 

And this:

I don't think I really need to explain why I didn't buy this....

UPDATE ON THE HEAD: (see previous blog for details)

My husband threw it away. 

So there you have it. Great shopping, great deals, happy me! 

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  1. Glad the head is gone, was way too weird. Great finds, so much in one place at half off - amazing deal!

    1. I still get excited when i think of my savings! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Isn't melmac the planet Alf came from? ;)

  3. Isn't melmac the planet Alf came from? ;)

    1. maybe. I don't know. I didn't watch that show, but it sounds familiar....