Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ybor Daily Market

Ybor Daily Market is a cool market and coffee house in the middle of downtown Ybor. Cassie, the owner is very much into supporting the community and the arts. The place is bursting at the seams with fantastic local creations for sale. My daughter Avery does yoga on the rooftop with Urban Wilderness Yoga. (How cool is that) A view of the city while doing yoga! While she is doing yoga, My son, Evan and I sit at one of their tables and have coffee while he draws.

Here is some of the awesomeness that you will find there:

Yoga on the rooftop

Okay, so you get the drift. Pretty kick ass, right? Here's the problem: They have to move. In fact, Oct 24th is their last day. They have not been able to renew their lease and maintain such a large building so its time to move. Cassie is looking for a new place. A place similar and in the same general area. She still plans to support local artists (even though she admits that she really doesn't make that much money off their commissions, but she wants to keep on supporting them).

Here is the deal, she set up a Go Fund Me page to help with the move, and cover all the many costs involved. She has supported the community for so long and now its time that we support her!

Please show Cassie some love. Even a buck or two....

Please remember to shop local and indie this holiday season. No one wants cheap mass produced crap from Walmart. Show some love to the small businesses, so they can afford to have a holiday with their family.

More vintage chit chat next week, I promise. 

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  1. aw so that's what happened to the daily market! I hope she finds a new place soon. It's such a nice atmosphere!