Sunday, October 18, 2015

Crap I Didn't Buy

Thrift store shopping is fun, not always for what you buy, but sometimes for what you DON'T buy.

Here is some crap I didn't buy this week. Do you think I made a wise decision passing up these gems?

Someone's clown collection. I bet when I go there the next time, they are still there. I suppose there are a few individuals left in the world that like clowns. Maybe. Anyhow, I had to pass these up.

Another plaster head thing. I think this is a wall hanging, but it was with all the platters and dishes. I had to pass this up. 

I don't even know how to explain this next thing. It was dumped in a bin. It was a styrofoam head (and ya'll know how I feel about styrofoam heads, this one had a stocking wrapped around it and it was staring at me......I ran the fuck outta that store as quick as I could. Needless to say, I didn't purchase it. 

I did pass up a lot of crap this week, I also purchased a lot of awesomeness as well. For instance this treasure:

Some German toy that I took a chance on. It was taped closed and I couldn't read anything, not even find a year on it. But by the clothes the children on the box are wearing, I am guessing 1970's (early)

I brought it home and did some research and it appears that I picked a winner. It has a gazillion pieces, I took them out to sort, photograph and count. It took me a full hour to line these fuckers out in nice rows...then I didn't have it in me to count them.(seriously, look at all the pieces, ain't nobody got time for that!) If someone convos me to ask how many pieces, I will just tell them to count them from the photograph. 

Look at all the pieces:

Yea....I'm not counting them. They are listed in my shop and would make a really cool holiday gift.  Kind of like legos, a wee bit bigger...great building/construction toy.

I am constantly loading items in my shop in preparations for the holiday shopping season, Seriously, take a look, at least 150 new items posted this month alone....and still working on it!

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Shop and support local and independent businesses, so they can afford to have a nice holiday with their families!  Walmart doesn't care about you, they just want to sell you their cheap mass produced crap. 

Say HI in the comments and tell me what kind of crap that YOU passed up at the thrift shops.


  1. The heads are following you around now lmfao. I passed over lots of crapola at the thrift this week, just nothing spoke to me except found hubby an as new Tommy Bahama polo shirt for $3.75 that was originally priced at $98 but I also found on sale for only $49 - $3.75 sounds much better to me. I love those old construction kits, some kid is going to love that.

    1. The crap that gets passed up by us, gets purchased by someone.....but who? hahah.

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  3. The head there is kinda creepy, I must admit. The kind of find I like to see :) I love seeing clowns for the kitsch factor, too.

    1. Creepy indeed! And it was looking right at me! hahah