Saturday, November 21, 2015


Cutlery, flatware, silverware is my new obsession. I don't know why I didn't consider it before. My family is constantly running low on our every day flatware (guessing they end up in the trash, thanks kids!) So I started picking through those giant bins of random silverware at thrift shops....which, by the way, is not an easy feat. I have learned, the hard way, that there is all sorts of stabbys and pokeys in the bin, sharp knives, pokey pokers, stabby stabbers, sharp doodads etc...seriously it should be a obstacle on Ninja Warriors: Dig through this container of thrift store utensils!

Anyhow, I am a tough cookie, and I have found some really cool scores. But knowing from experience, if I kept them, they may end up in the they are in my shop for someone else kids to throw away, by accident, of course....

All are available in my shop: RANDOM GOODS VINTAGE

This next weapon... utensil, is a really cool, yet stabby meat fork, or serving fork, It is 13" long and it had to be double wrapped and double bagged because it keep poking through bags and falling out. But I love it!

Just look at that tip. STABBY!!

Here are some other non utensil related fun stuff I picked up this week

All available in my shop:

This little jar is too cute! Good place to put cookies or to stash your cash.

And these little fellows are looking up, at what, I have no idea. I guess they are trying to look innocent. Anything kitsch has my heart.

That's it for now, but that is just a small iota of the stuff that I have been listing in my shops. I have been working feverishly listing and getting ready for the holiday hoopla. 

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Check back on Wednesday for  "WTF Wednesday", where I feature items from my shopping adventures that are strange and/or amusing.


  1. The stabby thing looks like something out of star trek. Lol

  2. Stabby! Stabby! Mwahahaha!, I mean, good to know.