Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thrift Shopping Bonanza!!

Hi Friends!  I had some good luck this past week. I took a week off from catch up on my listings. I caught up just enough to make me itchin' to get out shopping again. 
Some good luck came my way. The first shop I went to....well, I found a lot. My cart was full. I did a quick total and I was well over spending $50. Which I was okay with, because I had some kick ass finds in my cart. So as I was loading my bounty on the counter, the old man cashier (who knows me well from going there every two weeks over the past 5 years) tells me the credit card machine was down. Well crap! I never have any cash on me...but I did happen to have a $20 bill. So I said, "Crap, I only have a $20 on me and this is well over $20....!!!" 
And he said..."Well lets just ring you up and see, I think you'll be fine" and he proceeds to ring me up...I am guessing at a fraction of the cost, and then he gave me a teachers discount, a senior discount (Im 44 years old) and a military discount, and maybe something else...I really don't know what he did. And I didn't care. My total was $17. And he didn't give me a receipt, so I am not sure of what kind of magic he did. How cool was that!? 

Lots of goodies! 

The following items are available at:


Plaid Picnic tote. Full of melamine plates and service ware. 

And then two different juice carafes. I found a third one, but I decided to keep it....

Got a large lot of mid century stainless steel cutlery:

And this afghan! OMG about the coolest afghan I have ever come across, these color combos are to die for. I would keep it, but I live in Florida and it is quite useless here.

And lots lots more, visit my shop and check out the goodies!

And now for my crazy vintage book lot! For real, I hit the jack pot. Some are listed and the rest I will be working on all week. Seriously, the jackpot!

Here are a few examples of the yum yums

All are available here:

And this retro game is kind cool too....

That is just a small taste of what I am working relentlessly getting listed on my shops. 

Meanwhile comment to say HI and let me know about any sweet scores that have come your way.
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  1. What a score! It pays to have friends in high places. :-)

    1. But the next place I went to forgot to put 2 shirts I paid for in a bag, Couldnt find them when I got home...But its okay, It was half off clothes day, so it was only about $1 loss total. I still was way ahead of the game!

  2. Lucky day! Love vintage kids' books. Such cool illustrations.

    1. It was a lucky day, indeed, so I decided to buy a lottery ticket. Apparently the luck ran out. I am not a gazillionaire....